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Ricoh to provide Solutions and Services to the Annual Meetings of the IMF and World Bank Group in Japan

Tokyo, October 4, 2012 — Ricoh Company, Ltd. (President and CEO: Shiro Kondo; hereinafter "Ricoh") today announced that it will provide solutions and services at the 67th (2012) Annual Meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank Group1 (hereinafter "The Annual Meetings of the IMF and World Bank Group"), to be held from October 9 through 14 in Tokyo, assuring smooth and efficient running of the meetings.

The Government of Japan regards the hosting of the Annual Meetings of the IMF and World Bank Group as a great opportunity to enable the people of the world to see a nation that is in the process of a strong recovery following the devastating earthquake. The government also intends to demonstrate the underlying power of the Japanese economy through unique, advanced technologies and services, and by conducting a global event with perfect efficiency, as well as to present "Cool Japan" throughout the world.

To date, Ricoh has provided document output services at various international conferences in Japan. This time, in consideration of the aims of the Japanese Government in hosting the 2012 Annual Meetings of the IMF and World Bank Group, Ricoh will supply quality visual materials to participants in the meetings and help assure smooth and efficient running, as well as emphasizing the appealing features of "Cool Japan". Specifically, Ricoh will provide the solutions and services listed below, including a multi-projection system with a large 3.84 meter wide screen, which can be installed anywhere and can project dynamic images, and a virtual help desk combining a small footprint, remote video communication system, and an ultra-short-throw projector.

(1)Multi-projection system which can show dynamic images on a large screen, by way of multiple projectors connected together
(2)Virtual help desk through which operators provide guidance for visitors, using a remote video communication system
(3)Digital signage which distributes various information on the Annual Meetings of the IMF and World Bank Group
(4)Development and management of the document output environment
(5)Development and support of an environment for enabling paperless seminar sessions to be held along with the annual meetings

By supporting the smooth management of the 2012 Annual Meetings of the IMF and World Bank Group, Ricoh is committed to enabling visitors to feel the unique advanced technologies and services available in Japan and the underlying power of the Japanese economy. "We aim to provide a wide range of customers with new ways of communicating, collaborating and working based on advanced Ricoh technologies specifically developed for this event", says Hede Nonaka, Corporate Senior Vice President of Ricoh Co, Ltd. and General Manager of the Global Marketing Group.

1 The Annual Meetings of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank Group, held in the autumn of each year, are formal gatherings of the Boards of Governors––the highest decision-making bodies of the two organizations. As customary, once every three years the Annual Meetings are held outside the organizations' Washington D.C. headquarters. The 2012 meeting will mark the second time this event has been held in Japan, with the first such meeting held back in 1964. The year will also mark the 60th anniversary of Japan's membership in the Fund and the Bank.
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‹Outline of Ricoh's Solutions and Services›

Multi-projection system
A solution system which can show dynamic images on a large 3.84 meter wide screen, by connecting three ultra-short-throw projectors together and controlling them by one PC to blend contents.

Virtual help desk
A small footprint help desk comprising a combination of a remote video communication system (RICOH Unified Communication System) and an ultra-short-throw projector (RICOH PJ WX4130N). Using a dedicated server as a platform, this system will enable face-to-face communication between visitors and operators at a remote location.


Digital signage
With the use of an ultra-short-throw projector, this system enables the effective transmission of information with easy installation while making good use of the limited space (by using a glass window as a display screen). Operators change the information content to be projected on the screens at four main spots and 49 sub-spots via the network.

Development and management of a document output environment
The document output system prepared by Ricoh for the Annual Meetings of the IMF and World Bank Group comprises a total of about 750 units of its digital multifunction devices and printers equipped with energy-saving technology. In order to achieve an efficient document output environment, Ricoh will deploy optimal devices and engage in maintaining and improving management quality. It will also provide maintenance and support services on a 24-hour basis.


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