FAQs - USB Connections

Caplio Mounter for Mac OS X

This area provides hints on troubleshooting of USB connections when you are using Caplio Mounter in Mac OS X.

2-1) A file attribute of a mounted volume

Please be aware that your camera is mounted as a read only volume.
You can copy images in the camera to a computer, but you cannot remove or rewrite them directly in the mounted volume.


2-2) How to uninstall the Caplio Mounter

You can uninstall the Caplio Mounter in the menu of the software.
Go to [Applications] folder. Double click the Caplio Mounter software to activate. Click [File] menu to choose [Uninstall.]

2-3) How can I check if a computer recognizes my camera?

You can get information on Apple System Profiler.
Click [Apple menu] to choose [About This Mac.]
Click [More Info] to open [System Profiler.]

Or open the Apple System Profiler application located in /Applications / Utilities.

If your camera does not indicated in the System Profiler, please review the connection with the STEP1.

2-4) If you want to transfer images to a computer without Ricoh software ...

First, most recent Ricoh models have three ways to transfer captured images to a computer (Not all models have the three ways).

1) Use Caplio Mounter software

Please check information on compatible versions of Mac OS X and camera models.
Downloads for Caplio Mounter for Mac OS X

2) Connect a camera in Mass Strage mode

Please consult your manual for change setting.
Click here for the compatibility information on the Mass Storage mode.

3) Use a memory card reader
Since you do not need to conect a camera to a computer, any software from Ricoh is not required.
This is a good alternative if you have any difficulties with a connection between a camera and a computer.

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