Troubleshooting / Failure diagnosis


  • The power will not turn on.
  • Pressing the shutter release button, the camera turns off of itself.
  • The lens will not retract/eject. The lens cover will not open/close.
  • It will not work zooming/stop zooming.


Try the following one by one.

  • Battery power may be low. Recharge the battery completely, or replace a new battery.
    • The kind of batteries available varies depending on a model. Please consult your Camera User Guide for the details.

  • The battery may be loaded in wrong direction. Check to load correctly.
    • A nickel-hydrogen battery user: generally a nickel-hydrogen battery has a self-discharge characteristics. Since the battery power may be lost as time goes on, recharge it completely before usage.


If the above steps will not help, there may be something wrong with your camera. Please check the documentation that came with your camera for a service contact. Or find a local contact from the following site.

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