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[Question] What are [Privacy Settings] and [Hide Images] ? / How to use [Privacy Settings] and [Hide images].

This setting combination allow the specified images to not be displayed in the Playback mode.

It requires two steps; [1] enable the [Privacy Settings] in the Playback menu, [2] specify the images that you want to hide with the [Hiding Images].

[1] Enable the [Privacy Settings]

  • 1 Press the Playback button to go to the playback mode.

    Playback button

  • 2 Press the MENU/OK button.
    The Playback menu will be displayed.

    MENU/OK button

  • 3 Use the [PREMIUM] button or the [Exposure] button exposure button to choose [Privacy Settings], and press right button.

    Playback menu example

  • Note If the Quick playback menu below is displayed ; choose the [Privacy Settings] and press the MENU/OK button. Then the screen above will be displayed.

    Quick playback menu

  • 4 [Privacy Settings] screen will be displayed.
    Press left button to choose [On], and press the MENU/OK button.

    Privacy Settings

[2] Set [Hide Images]

  • 5 Press down exposure button to choose [Hide images], and press right button.

    Hide images

  • 6 Images are displayed in a 20-frame view. Choose [Sel. Indiv.] or [Sel. Range].

    specify images to hide

  • 7-1 [Sel. Indiv.] - select individually example:
    Choose a file to hide with left, right buttons, and press the MENU/OK button. The symbol will appear on the specified images.
    Pressing again the MENU/OK button will cancel the selection.

    Sel. Indiv. example

  • 7-2[Sel. Range] - select range example:
    Choose the starting point of the range of images you want to specify, and press the MENU/OK button. The starting point of range will be displayed with a white frame.

    range selection
    Pressing self-timer button button cancel the selection.
    Move to the end point with left, right buttons, press the MENU/OK button.

  • The symbol will appear on all specified images.

    hidden images with the symbol

  • 8 After selection completed, press Favorites button to confirm.

    Movie / Favorites button

  • 9 Both settings were completed. The next playback mode will display only images without this setting.
    In order to display all images, change the [Privacy Settings] in the step 4 above to [Off].

Note [Memo]

  • When the [Privacy Settings] is [On], the [Adv. PB options] is not available in the Quick Playback menu.
  • When the [Privacy Settings] is [On], the picture cannot be deleted using delete button button.
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Date created: June 10, 2011
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Product: RICOH PX
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Category: Hardware specifications, Hardware operations
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