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RICOH LENS A16 24-85 mm : About RAW images.

The RAW images are the files recorded as RAW data, that the camera captures but without any processing in the camera.
Generally, the camera captures an image and develop them with image processing, and compress to save as the JPEG format. On the other hand, when taking a picture with RAW, the camera save a DNG file, which is the RAW data that are not yet converted into JPEG. The DNG file is one of the RAW image file formats, which is designed by Adobe systems Inc. You can develop and edit these dng files in a computer with the application software that is compatible with the DNG file format.

For Windows, the Irodio Photo & Video Studio (from Pixela) comes with the package, which allows you to do some simple editing of a DNG file.
For Macintosh, no software comes with the package that you can edit a DNG file. Please use the application software that supports the DNG format.

RAW only / RAW + JPEG setting

The RAW mode setting is available in Shooting menu > Picture Quality/Size.
Picture quality/size

In the RAW mode option, RAW + JPEG or RAW only is selectable from [RAW/JPEG Setting] as follows.

[RAW only] is selected, a JPEG copy is not recorded. If [Fine], [Normal], or [VGA] is selected, a JPEG file associated with a DNG file is recorded at the same time.

Note Note for RAW mode photography

  • Some settings cannot be used.
  • The number of RAW photographs that can be taken in a single burst in Continuous mode varies with the option selected for [Noise Reduction]. Up to 3 photographs can be taken when noise reduction is disabled (Off) ; when noise reduction is enabled (other than [Off]), this number is up to 2.

  • The following features are not available in the RAW mode (The features will not work in both a DNG file, and a JPEG file).
    • Resize the captured image
    • Digital zoom
    • White balance bracket
    • Color bracket
    • S-Cont. and M-Cont Plus. (but the normal Continuous is available in the RAW mode)
  • The following features will be applied only to a JPEG file that is recorded with a DNG file at the same time in the RAW mode. But they will not be applied to the DNG file.
    • Image Settings
    • Skew correction
    • Noise reduction
    • Date imprint
    • DPOF
    • Direct printing
  • The following feature can be applied to RAW images (DNG file).
    • Dynamic Range Compensation
  • When RAW + JPEG is selected : It is the JPEG file that is displayed when you playback the image which was captured in the RAW mode, of which is recorded with a DNG file at the same time. In the screen, the RAW mode symbol will appear in the display. And if you delete that JPEG file (such as with a computer), enlarged view will not work but it shows a thumbnail only, which is linked in camera.
  • When RAW only is selected : a JPEG file saved in a DNG file is displayed in the camera.
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