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RICOH LENS A16 24-85 mm : About the SCENE modes.

Scene modes allow you to shoot movies, record skew-corrected images, and take a picture with suitable options for a particular scene.

Turn the mode dial to [SCENE].

Scene Modes

The scene mode options are as follows. The options that can be selected vary depending on the attached camera unit.

Symbol Mode Description
Movie Movie Shoot movies with sound.
Portrait Portrait Use when taking portrait pictures.
Sports Sports Use when taking pictures of moving objects.
Landscape Landscape Use when taking scenery pictures with abundant greenery or blue sky.
Nightscape Nightscape Use when shooting night scenes. In nightscape mode, the flash fires when all the following conditions are satisfied:
    • The flash is set to [Auto].
    • The flash is determined to be necessary because it is dark.
    • There is a figure or another object nearby.
Skew Correct Mode Skew Correct Mode Use to straighten a rectangular object, such as a message board or business card, that has been shot at an angle. This mode makes it look as if the picture has been shot squarely.
Skew Correct Mode
In Skew correction mode, choose from [N1280] or [N640] for [Picture Quality/Size].
Miniaturize Miniaturize For capturing an image that appear to be a picture of dioramas.
* simulated image
Toy Camera Toy Camera This mode takes a picture with high contrast, saturated colors associated with toy cameras. The created picture has effects of distortion, vignetting (captured with darkness in the four corners). Options for them are available in the Shooting menu; [Vignetting] is to choose the amount of vignetting, [Toy Color] is to choose the amount of saturation.
Toy Camera
Left : with Toy Camera, Right : normal image (* images are simulated)
High Contrast B&W High Contrast B&W For taking a higher contrast B&W picture than those in normal B&W mode. Produces grainy images similar to those taken with highly sensitive film or grain film developing.
High Contrast B&W
* simulated image
Soft Focus Soft Focus This mode produces an image with soft focus effects similar to those created by soft focus lenses. The amount of softening can be selected using the [Soft Focus Options] in the Shooting menu.
Soft Focus
Left : with Soft Focus, Right : normal image (* images are simulated)
Cross Process Cross Process This mode takes a picture with colors that differ markedly from those of the actual subject. The colors can be selected using the [Hue] option in the Shooting menu.
Cross Process
Left : with Cross Process, Right : normal image (* images are simulated)

The procedures for selecting a Scene mode

[Note] When no camera unit is attached to the GXR body, the shooting setting menu will not be displayed.

  • 1 While pressing the mode dial lock release button, turn the mode dial to [SCENE].
  • 1 Turn the mode dial to [SCENE].
  • The camera is ready to shoot and the currently selected scene mode is displayed at the top of the picture display.
  • 2 Press the [MENU/OK] button.
  • 2 Press the [MENU/OK] button.
  • The Scene mode selection screen appears.
  • Movie in the scene modes
  • 3 Press [+], [-], [Fn1], or [Fn2] in the directional pad to choose a scene mode, and press the [MENU/OK] button.
  • Choose the movie mode with the direcional pad, and press the [MENU/OK] button.

* Switching menus in the SCENE mode

To change options for shooting setting menu or Setup menu in the scene mode, press the [MENU/OK] button in a Shooting mode and select the mode tab with the [Fn1] button. Then, press the [-] button once to select the Shooting menu tab, twice to select the Key Custom Options tab, and three times to select the Setup menu tab.
(The Shooting menu screen is shown below.)

Using the menus

[1] Mode tab
[2] Shooting setting menu tab
[3] Key Custom Options
[4] Setup menu tab

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