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[Question] About the Continuous shooting.

In the Continuous mode, pictures continue to be taken for as long as you hold down the shutter release button. A captured image is recorded as a single JPEG file.

[continuous shooting speed] : about 1.1 frames/second at maximum (at a high speed type SD card usage)

Continuous mode
The continuous mode option is located in the Shooting menu.
[About the Shooting menu operations. ]


Flash cannot be used.
The camera shake correction function cannot be used in Continuous mode. If you set the Continuous mode while the camera shake correction function is enabled, the camera shake correction icon changes to camera shake correction icon.
Focus and exposure are fixed while continuous shooting.
When [Card Sequence No.] is set to [On], and the last 4 digits of the file number exceed "9999" during continuous shooting, a separate folder is created in the SD memory card and successive pictures taken in continuous mode are stored in this folder.
In the SCENE mode, continuous shooting can be set at [Zoom Macro].
The number of pictures that can be taken continuously will vary depending on the picture size.
The maximum number of pictures that can be taken continuously is up to 999.
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Date created: September 24, 2010
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