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[Question] What settings can be assigned to My settings ?

The My Settings function allows you to easily shoot with your favorite settings. You can register two groups of settings as "My Settings". Turning the mode dial to MY1 allows you to shoot with the settings registered in [MY1]. Turning the mode dial to MY2 allows you to shoot with the settings registered in [MY2].

You can save the following settings in My Settings.

Shooting mode ( Auto shooting mode / CALS / MY1 / MY2 / SCENE) WB-BKT
Focal distance used in Manual Time Exposure
Zoom position Camera Shake Correction
Macro Date Imprint
Flash mode Exposure Compensation
Scene mode White Balance
Self-timer ISO Setting
DISP. mode Edit Detection
Density Step Zoom
Picture Quality/Size Digital Zoom Image
Focus Level Setting
Exposure Metering Grid Guide Display Options
Continuous Mode Shooting Info. Display Frame
Image Settings CALS Pic Quality
Auto Bracket

Set the options above if you like. Each setting can be changed in the Shooting menu.
[About the Shooting menu operations. ]

For example;
If you want to take a picture with the settings in the Auto Shooting mode but with a smaller image size and with date imprinted, follow the steps;
Auto shooting mode > change the image size in [Picture Quality/Size] > [Date Imprint] On, and then assign them to [MY1]. Once you set, you can change these group of settings by turning the mode dial to [MY1].

[Assignment for MY1 or MY2]

To register the current camera settings as "My Settings", follow the steps below.

Setup > Reg. My Settings

Assigm to [MY1] or [MY2]

[About the Setup menu operations.]
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