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[Question] About the zoom feature.

The G700 has 5 x optical zoom feature, from 28 mm at the wide end to 140 mm at the tele end (35 mm filmcameras equivalent).

Combination with digital zoom 4 x will allow you to use 20 x zooming at the maximum (equivalent to 560 mm).

If you set [Step Zoom] On, it allows you to move a zoom position to a fixed step in 6 levels quickly. (equivalent to: 28, 35, 50, 85, 105, 140 mm)

Zoom operations

In a shooting mode, press the telephoto button (the top), or the wide-angle button (the bottom).
Zoom lever

The zoom bar at the left on the screen will show the current zoom position.

[Digital Zoom]

While you can use the normal zoom to enlarge the subject up to 5x, digital zooming allows you to enlarge the subject still further (up to another 4x at maximum).
To use the digital zooming, press the telephoto button until the maximum magnification is reached on the zoom bar, then momentarily release the button, and then press again. The digital zoom magnification will be displayed on the zoom bar.


If [Picture Quality/Size] is set to [12M] 4:3F, or [12M] 4:3N, you can also set [Digital Zoom Image] to [Auto Resize].
By using the combination of the Auto Resize 6.3x *1 and digital zoom 4x, 31.5x zooming at the maximum (882 mm; 35 mm filmcamera equivalent) is available.
*1) The image size is VGA (640 x 480).
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Date created: August 24, 2010
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