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[Question] About the Scene modes.

Scene mode allows you to select from 5 types of still images modes and the movie mode, and shoot with settings automatically optimized for the shooting conditions.

Scene Modes
Symbol Mode Description
High Sens High Sens Use when taking a picture in low light. The picture display also becomes brighter.
Firefighting Firefighting Use to capture images under difficult conditions such as the scene of a fire. The focal length is fixed to 2.5 meters, allowing you to take clear pictures in a situation where the auto focus would normally produce blurred images due to flames, smoke and water vapor. Increasing the ISO sensitivity extends the range of the flash, and prevents camera shake by controlling the shutter speed even when the flash is not used. The sharpness level is also increased in this mode and the picture display becomes brighter and is suited for firefighting.
Skew Correct Mode Skew Correct Mode Use to straighten a rectangular object, such as a message board or business card, that has been shot at an angle. This mode makes it look as if the picture has been shot squarely.
Skew Correct Mode
In Skew correction mode, choose from [ 1M4:3F], [ 1M4:3N] or [ VGA4:3F] for [Picture Quality/Size].
Text Mode Text Mode Use when capturing text images, for example notes written on a white board at a meeting. Images are captured in black and white. You can also change the shading of text, and set the image size to either [ 10M4:3] or [ 3M4:3] for [Picture Quality/Size].
Zoom Macro Zoom Macro Automatically optimizes the zoom position to shoot the subject larger than with normal macro shooting. The optical zoom cannot be used in this mode. Macro mode is selected automatically.
Movie Movie Use when taking movies with sound.

Scene mode operations

1 Turn the mode dial to SCENE. The camera is ready to shoot and the selected scene mode is displayed at the top of the picture display.
SCENE mode
2 If you would like to change the scene mode, press the [MENU/OK] button.
2 If you would like to change the scene mode, press the [MENU/OK] button.
The scene mode selection screen appears.
The scene mode selection screen appears.
3 Press the [ADJ./OK] button Up, down Right or left to select a scene mode. And then press the [ADJ./OK] button. The symbol for the selected scene mode is displayed at the top of the picture display.
Simulated image when selected High Scene.
  • *Simulated image that is set to [High Sens].
Memo[Changing the shooting settings in each scene mode]
Press the [MENU/OK] button in a scene mode, and pressUp, down, right or leftbutton to go to a tab. Then switch between tabs withDownbutton to go to Shooting menu, Setup menu, or Camera Memo menu
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