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[Question] Is an antiblur function available with the G700 ?

The G700 has the digital image stabilizer.
At image generation, digital processing is performed to reduce the camera shake effects depending on blur volume, to save the image in memory as a less blur image.

This function will work when the Camera Shake Correction is enabled in the Shooting menu. The default setting is [Off]. In order to make this function enabled, go to the Shooting menu > Camera Shake Correction > [On].

[About the Shooting menu operations.]


  The Camera Shake Correction feature is unavailable at flash usage, in Continuous mode, at ISO 1600 or over, Time exposure, or Movie mode. If you set flash, Continuous, ISO 1600 or over, or Time exposure while the camera shake correction is enabled, the Camera shake correction feature will turn Disabled camera shake correction. If you set to the Movie mode, Camera shake correction feature symbol will disappear.
  When camera shake is likely to occur, the camera shake warning symbol Camera shake warning will appear.
  The result of the camera shake correction will vary depending on shooting conditions. The following cases are the examples that will not be able to reduce the camera shake.
    blur volume exceeds the range that the sensor detects a blur, such as high speed, complications, or wide range movement
    blur volume is so small, such as using a tripod
    a shutter speed is so slow and blur volume is so large that it will over the range that the camera can reduce a blur
    a shutter speed is so fast and blur volume is so small that it cannot get the result of blur correction
    an out of focus image
  With this feature [On], recording time will increase than those in normal.
It may take several seconds from pressing the shutter release button to finish recording process. The processing time will vary depending on the image size, or on the blur volume.
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