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[Question] Details on the Picture quality mode and the image size.

The file size of a still image is determined by a combination of its picture quality mode and image size. There are two picture quality modes depending on the compression ratio used - normal mode (N) and fine mode (F).

Normal mode (N) An image is compressed higher, then the file size becomes small.
Fine mode (F) An image is compressed lower, then the file size becomes large.
This is a higher quality than Normal mode.

[Picture Quality Mode and Image Size]

Items displayed in a camera menu Picture Quality Mode Image Size Remarks
[12M] 4:3 F
[12M] 4:3 N
4000 x 3000 • For creating large prints.
• For downloading to computer for trimming and other processes.
[10M] 3:2 F F(Fine) 3984 x 2656
[5M] 4:3 F F(Fine) 2592 x 1944 • For creating prints.
[3M] 4:3 F F(Fine) 2048 x 1536
[2M] 4:3 F F(Fine) 1600 x 1200 • For shooting a large number of pictures.
[1M] 4:3 F
[1M] 4:3 N
1280 x 960
[VGA] 4:3 F F(Fine) 640 x 480 • For shooting a large number of pictures.
• For attaching to e-mail.
• For posting on a website.
For changing the image quality and size, go to Shooting menu.
About the Shooting menu operations.

Note [Memo]

When scene mode is set to [Skew Correct Mode], you can select [1M]4:3 F or [1M] 4:3 N, or [VGA] 4:3 F.
When scene mode is set to [Text Mode], you can select [12M] 4:3 or [3M] 4:3.
When [10M] 3:2 F is set, a black border is added to the left and right sides of the picture display to illustrate the shooting range.
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Date created: August 24, 2010
Date modified: August 27, 2010
Product: G700
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