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[Question] What type of memory card can be used with the G700 ?

You can use the SD/SDHC memory cards that comply with the SD/SDHC format standards. But we will not guarantee to work with all brands / model numbers available in the market.
The maximum capacity that the camera supports is as follows.

SD memory card

Up to 2 GB SD card is supported.

SDHC memory card

Up to 32 GB SDHC card is supported.

SD WORM memory card

1 GB / 128 MB SD WORM card is supported.

SD WORM cards
WORM stands for Write Once Read Many. The data recorded on SD WORM cards is locked. Any data is recorded once, it cannot be deleted or modified.
When an SD WORM card is used with the camera, the maximum number of files is up to 510 that the camera can record into a single folder on the card.

* The G700 has approx. 103 MB internal memory.


The available recording time at once will depend on the remaining battery level.
For shooting with HD 1280 (1280 x 720), it is recommended the usage of SD/SDHC card with Class 6 or greater (SD Speed Class).
SDXC cards (Secure Digital Extended Capacity) are not supported.

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