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[Question] What is the long time exposure?

You can select [1 second], [2 seconds], [4 seconds] or [8 seconds] for time exposure. By using long time exposure, you can capture the movement of moving subjects, such as the trail of fireworks and car lights, when shooting a night scene.

The Time Exposure options are located in the Shooting menu. See the FAQ below for the Shooting menu operations.
[About the Shooting menu operations.]

  • When using long time exposure, the shutter speed may slow down and images may be blurred. Hold the camera steady by using a tripod when shooting.
  • The camera shake correction function cannot be used when using long time exposure. If long time exposure is set while the camera shake correction function is turned on, The Camera Shake Correction icon changes to The No Camera Shake Correction icon.
  • While shooting with long time exposure, the picture display turns off.
  • This function is not available for Movie, S-AUTO mode, Continuous mode, Bracketing, or Creative Shooting mode.
    In the SCENE mode, this function is available with Zoom Macro and Discreet mode only, and unavailable with other scene modes than those. See the FAQ below for the details.
  • Available [Shooting menu] chart in each shooting mode.
  • Long time-exposures are processed to reduce noise. Thus, it will take about double times as the configured exposure time until the image recording is completed.
  • In the Time Exposure, the ISO range that can be set is between ISO 100 and ISO 400. If the value currently selected by the user is between ISO 800 and ISO 3200, the camera will automatically set to ISO 400.
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