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Layout Engine for RT Font and Bitmap Font

RICOH’s Layout Engine can correctly display Thai, Arabic or other languages with complex grammar rules. This software was developed to handle such languages which, unlike Japanese, could not be read positioning each letter in a linear fashion.

Layout Engine Functions

image:Layout Engine Functions

The following is a description of the Layout Engine functions, using Arabic as an example.
Arabic is written from right to left. In addition, the same character changes in form depending on its position in a text or word. The following two examples use the same set of Arabic characters; one is presented using the Layout Engine and the other without.

Without using the Layout Engine:

Even though the character forms of each of the character are represented correctly, the text cannot be read as they are not composed in a proper manner.

image:Without using the Layout Engine


Using the Layout Engine:

Conforming to grammar rules, the same character set is laid out properly from left to right, with appropriate character form changes and other modifications to convey the content of the message. As seen here, the Layout Engine is an indispensable tool for properly communicating text content.

image:Using the Layout Engine

How the Layout Engine Works

The user specifies items regarding the text string and layout from the user’s application. According to those specifications, the Layout Engine returns the properly laid out text in image form.

image:How the Layout Engine Works

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