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Element System Font “RT Font”

RT Font with Much Lower Data Volume Release in January, 2014. (Click here for details.)

Element System Font “RT Font”

RT Font

Featuring minimum memory usage, this scalable font is ideal in terms of smooth contour and layout flexibility.
RT Font is available for various languages including simplified Chinese characters and is independent of OSs.
Please contact for additional data regarding display speed and work memory requirements.


Minimum Memory Requirements for Installation

Major reduction in data volume made possible by means of a font definition method that combines a number of elements.
For example, Japanese font (CP932/7990 characters) only requires a minimum of 360KB for installation.
NOTE: Data volume will vary in accordance with typeface.

Multi-languages Compatibility

RT Font is compatible with European languages including English and French as well as simplified and traditional Chinese Korean, Thai, Arabic, Hebrew and Vietnamese.

Style Function Support

RT Font supports a variety of style functions including grayscaling, bordering, rotation, italicization and font-weight adjustment.

Selectable Rendering

For straight lines, you can select “Sharp Mode” for non-grayscale rendering and “Smooth Mode” for grayscale rendering. Being able to switch rendering modes expands the scope of character expression and provides you with an option to consider a single implementation for application to various products.
NOTE: Mode selection is available for New Gothic typeface including Japanese and European languages. Only smooth mode is available for the other typefaces.

image:sharp mode
Sharp Mode

image:smooth mode
Smooth Mode

image:The above diagram illustrates how RT Font is capable of meeting various needs for application across a wide range of devices.

Appraisal Agreement

At RICOH, we offer an opportunity to evaluate our RT Font on an actual device prior to entering into a purchase agreement. For details, please contact us.

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