Bitmap Font

RICOH Bitmap Font

RICOH Bitmap fonts are used in a wide range of products, assorting abundant languages, seizes and typefaces.
Bitmap fonts (10,12,13,14,16,18 and 20dots) are stored with MS Mincho and MS Gothic.

Full Support System

File Format Conversion

We can convert file formats like DFM (RICOH original), BDF, BMP and other specific formats.
Please contact us regarding DFM format.


Multi-languages, Typeface, Size Support

We can supply languages, typefaces or sizes other than listed on the data list.


Gray Scale Support

We can support gray scale as well as binary as a standard.


Character Set Additions and Character Form Change

RICOH can meet your request as flexible as possible. For example, character set additions , character form change like zero with slush.

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