Products -Pollution Prevention-

Products -Pollution Prevention-

We offer products that are gentle on the environment and people by reducing and strictly managing environmentally-sensitive substances.


In order to minimize the adverse impact caused by environmentallysensitive chemical substances contained in our products, we are committed to building a system to reduce and strictly manage such substances in all manufacturing processes including those conducted by suppliers. Because environmentally sensitive chemical substances need to be treated individually when products containing them are disposed of, reducing the use of these substances in products will also considerably reduce the recycling cost in addition to lessening the environmental impact a product has during its lifecycle.
In addition, for more comfortable and safer use of our products by customers, we are proactively conducting activities to reduce the emissions of ozone, dust and VOCs*1 from the use of our products, and ensuring the safety of supplies to be used with the products through management systems built to our own criteria.
To conduct self-surveys on ozone, dust and VOCs from the use of our products, we obtained ISO/IEC 17025-based certification for reliable technical competence of our testing and calibration laboratories in February 2012. This enables us to submit authoritative, reliable test results within our capacity in seeking environmental labels and other certifications from independent accreditation bodies, helping us introduce environmentally friendly products to markets more quickly and efficiently.
Under the recent certification, we are qualified to test fine and ultrafine particles*2, for which there is an increasing demand for international standardization, in addition to other standard chemical emissions test items.

  • *1VOCs: Volatile organic compounds
  • *2Fine particles: diameter ranging between 0.1 μm and 2.5 μm; Ultrafine particles: diameter less than or equal to 0.1 μm (Source: ECMA-328 Determination of Chemical Emission Rates from Electronic Equipment, 5th edition [December 2010])

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We offer products that are kind to the environment and to people by reducing and strictly managing environmentally sensitive substances.

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