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Products:Resource Conservation / Recycling
–Promotion of reduction (in size and weight)–

Weight reduced by 65% and footprint by 37%

  • JAPANJapan/Ricoh Co., Ltd.

The multifunctional full-color digital copiers in the RICOH MP C6003/C5503/C4503/C3503/C3003 series (launched June 2013) are more than 65% lighter than previous models in their class. The series features thinner resin and metal plates, as well as a new, lightweight frame equipped with reinforced surfaces and corners for cabinet solidity.
After repeated simulations to test strength and shock resistance, we successfully lowered body weight from 209 kg to 102 kg. And by redesigning the paper-feed, we were able to integrate a side cabinet with the main unit, resulting in a 37% reduction of the footprint.
Overall, by making it lighter and more compact — and by using recycled and biomass plastic — we have created a product that uses resources more efficiently to place less of a impact on the environment.

image:Size comparison between the new and previous models

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