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Products -Energy Conservation / Prevention of Global Warming-

Products -Energy Conservation / Prevention of Global Warming-

Development of user-friendly and energy-saving technologies


Products that are not easy to use will not contribute to energy conservation by customers and to global warming prevention, even if their energy-saving performance is solid. Ricoh is committed to technology innovation that is exemplified by its unique energy-saving QSU*, which leads to energy-saving products, and to offering products that represent our basic policies—“user-friendliness and energy conservation”—more effectively. For copiers, we have shortened the time needed to recover from sleep mode (less than 1W). Now, we are offering the copiers that quickly—between five and six seconds—start up from sleep mode. Furthermore, electric consumption of our current copiers during sleep mode and of our current projectors during network standby mode is less than 1W.
On the other hand, since paper production consumes a lot of energy, we are helping to decrease the environmental impact caused by customers' paper consumption by offering highly productive duplex copying functions, promoting sales of recycled paper, and developing information digitization technologies.

  • *Ricoh's unique QSU (Quick Start-Up) energy-saving technology that enables quick start up from energy saving mode

Our Activities

Ricoh’s energy conservation technologies such as “Color QSU energy-saving technology (DH fixing system),” “low melting point toner (color PxP-EQ toner), and newly developed technologies including “power management technology” and “smart position motor” have continued to evolve, contributing to the development of highly efficient energy-saving products in various fields.

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