Business Activities -Pollution Prevention-

Business Activities -Production: Pollution Prevention-

Efforts are being made on a global scale to reduce the amount of chemical substances used/discharged, based upon the idea of risk management.


In compliance with the Strategic Approach to International Chemicals Management (SAICM), the Ricoh Group has established a system to manage the risks of chemical substances by applying a risk evaluation method, aiming to minimize the risk throughout the lifecycle of chemicals and to share related information.
Under this risk management system, all the chemical substances used, discharged and disposed of in the manufacturing processes of Ricoh products are assessed in two steps: (1) screening in terms of discharged amounts, according to the GHS hazard*1 level scale; (2) for substances evaluated as above a specified level, hazard and exposure assessments are conducted. Based on the results obtained, we assess the risks of hazardous substances that may affect the health of local residents as well as water-borne creatures living in the surrounding areas. Enhancing this risk assessment scheme, we are working to establish a global system to reduce risks related to chemical substances.
In addition, the Group has a system in place to manage environmental risks. To control soil and underground water contamination, we have formulated basic principles, provided in the group management standards and other guidelines. In case of contamination, we voluntarily conduct an investigation using the group's uniform standards and promptly take steps for remediation. Regarding soil and underground water contamination, PCBs, and asbestos, the Group has established an appropriate system to understand environmental liabilities that could have a financial impact.

  • *1Harmfulness to human beings and the environment

Our Activities

From a risk management perspective, we strive to reduce the use of chemical substances and emissions and to prevent any related pollution.

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