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Business Activities -Energy Conservation / Prevention of Global Warming-

Business Activities -Energy Conservation / Prevention of Global Warming-

Reducing greenhouse gases generated in global business activities at all stages of the product lifecycle


The Ricoh Group has set the mid- to long-term goals of reducing total lifecycle CO2 emissions (reduction by 87.5% by 2050 and by 30% by 2020 from the fiscal year 2000 level). Being a top runner in environment friendliness, Ricoh Group companies are working on effective global warming prevention at all stages of the product lifecycle.
Under the 17th Environmental Action Plan that runs from FY 2011 to 2013, we are globally providing a wealth of know-how and implementing many measures that we have accumulated in Japan and other countries. Such know-how and measures include (a) innovation in production processes, (b) the introduction of highly efficient equipment, (c) innovation in logistics and transportation, (d) energy conservation in our offices, and (e) environmental impact reduction activities that we carry out in cooperation with our clients. Through these activities, we are able to offset the increase in greenhouse gas emissions associated with factors such as business growth, and reducing as well as limiting CO2 emissions.

Our Activities

We are carrying out environmental impact reduction activities not only during raw material procurement and production but also at all other stages such as sales, logistics, and product usage.

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