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Environmental Labels Type I

About Type 1 Environmental Labels

A third party organization establishes criteria for judging environmentally-friendly products and grants a Type 1 label to them based on said criteria.
More specifically, the third party organization comprehensively evaluates the production, use (friendliness to the health of customers, product safety, and the energy-saving performance of the product), and disposal of the product, as well as the resource conservation derived from the product. Finally, the third party organization grants a Type 1 label to products that excel in the above performance items.
Ricoh has been actively obtaining Type 1 environmental labels for its products. We are able to attach a Type 1 environmental label to qualifying products.

Typical Type 1 environmental labels that Ricoh has obtained

image:EcoLogo Program

EcoLogo Program (Canada)

image:The Thai Green Label Scheme

The Thai Green Label Scheme (Thailand)

image:Environmental Choice New Zealand

Environmental Choice New Zealand (New Zealand)

image:China Environmental Labeling Plan (Ten Circle Mark)

China Environmental Labeling Plan (Ten Circle Mark)(China)

image:Green Mark

Green Mark (Taiwan)

image:Green Label

Green Label (Singapore)