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Communication:Environmental Communication with Stakeholders – Ricoh Global Eco Action <2015 Action>

Ricoh Global Eco Action 2015

In-house advertising poster

In-house advertising poster

Ricoh Global Eco Action 2015 will be held as detailed below under the theme of “sharing ‘eco-mind’ together.” During the action period, a wide range of stakeholders, from the Group employees, their family members and friends, local communities and residents, to business partners, will participate in a variety of planned activities, all sharing their common commitment to the environment. Ricoh will expand on this initiative, thus inspiring a greater number of people to join in global action.

Outline of Ricoh Global Eco Action 2015

Action month: June 2015 (Monday, June 1 to Tuesday, June 30, 2015)
Common action day: Friday, June 5, 2015

<Major activities>
Common global activities

  • Turning off the lights in Ricoh advertising towers and signboards on June 5
    (excluding natural energy powered billboards)
  • A dedicated Facebook page was created to share reports on global activities
  • Individual Ricoh employees making a pledge for eco-action (ECO Declaration)
  • Using "The Certificate of Green Power" to offset CO2 emissions attributed to power consumed in Ricoh’s global bases on June 5

Local activities

  • Hosting events in collaboration with government and business organizations
  • Participating in environmental events held by local communities
  • Encouraging customers to select the energy-saving mode setting on MFPs and printers
  • In celebration of the 10th anniversary, a lecture meeting was held for group employees
  • Eco-friendly menus were prepared using organic vegetables and avoiding use of heat, and served at office cafeterias