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Conservation of Biodiversity

We preserve biodiversity by maintaining and improving the self-recovery capabilities of the global environment through our business activities as well as our social contribution activities.

Ricoh Group Biodiversity Policy

Under the Biodiversity Conservation Policy, the Ricoh Group is engaged in a variety of activities aimed at building an affluent society based on a sustainable global environment.

Business-Related Activities

For effective conservation activities, we survey and analyze the impact of our business activities on biodiversity.

Social Responsibility Activities

Toward improved self-recovery capabilities of the global environment, employees around the world are making positive contributions to the environment and to society.

  • Biodiversity PolicyRead the full text of the Ricoh Group Biodiversity Policy, which is based on the Group's policy and approach toward the global environment.
  • Environmental advertisingEnvironmental advertisingUsing various media and different formats, our "environmental advertisements" provide a range of useful information and know-how obtained through our environmental activities.
  • Forest Ecosystem ConservationForest Ecosystem ConservationWe would like to introduce Ricoh's Forest Ecosystem Conservation Projects worldwide.

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