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Biodiversity:Social Responsibility Activities
–Environmental Action Plan (Activities outside Japan)–

Vie & Couleurs project

  • France/Ricoh Industrie France

Since its creation in 1987, Ricoh Industrie France S.A.S (RIF) enjoys a privileged setting and wants to be integrated as harmoniously as possible in its environment composed by mountains, forests, vineyards, traditional villages, castles etc. The desire to enhance this setting is one of the reasons that led to the definition of the project. In 2007, RIF Top Management wished to mark its 20 years of existence with a strong commitment in a sustainable project. Faced with the reality of the worldwide loss of biodiversity, RIF decided to act on their home territory. The entire project, named “Vie & Couleurs (Life & Colors)” is based on the landscape design made on their site. In cooperation with local NGOs specialized in nature concervation, employee volunteers become the actors of their living environment.

The project has the following three objectives:

  1. Increasing the biodiversity in the 120,000 square-meter area of RIF’s premises and thereby contributing to the development of a "green network" in Alsace;
  2. Protecting indigenous species in Alsace and conserving the wild flora and fauna of the surrounding areas; and
  3. Promoting awareness of environmental conservation to RIF employees, partner companies, and the broader public.

< Main Activities >


The first development was an educational pond implementation. Second major action: the meadows done by stopping the mowing of 30% of RIF’s green spaces and in the continuity, flowered strips have also been implemented with the use of species with specific interest for biodiversity.


Initial Species inventory was performed. And several nesting boxes were set up at different places on the site.


To complete the ecological corridor, the employees have planted fruit hedges and various old varieties of fruit trees during the spring 2010.


As a last actions, beehives were implemented.


Species inventories were performed again in order to rule on the evolution of biodiversity since the first inventory in 2008. These reports are good tools to demonstrate the project benefits. The bees have become the symbol of the renaturation of RIF site. Honeypots that are produced every year are a great communication tool because conviviality often arises around biodiversity products such as honey, fruit or fruit juice from RIF site. Each actions is accompanied of all the tools to replicate the landscape design at home.


Following activities were implemented;

  • Awareness session on fruit trees maintenance
  • The increase of honey production: 105kg (against 80kg in 2014)
  • The adding of a new beehive (Total 4 beehives today)
  • Implementation of insect house

In 2016, RIF has planned to launch the eco pasture and therefore, will welcome sheep in their "workforce".

Eco-Ninja biodiversity conservation activities

  • England/Ricoh UK Products Ltd.
Eco-Ninja Original Logo
Eco-Ninja Original Logo

Ricoh UK Products Ltd. (“RPL”) began their Eco-Ninja biodiversity conservation activities in fiscal 2009. In this program, the manufacturing subsidiary in Europe carries out conservation projects on the company’s premises, at the local Wrekin Forest, and other neighboring areas, working closely with experts from local NGO’s.

The conduction of these surveys involves building nest boxes for birds and mammals, Live mammal trapping surveys are completed, which is permitted only for those who have obtained a regulatory permit after receiving appropriate training. RPL volunteers (Eco-Ninjas) had received the necessary training, which was provided in collaboration with Shropshire Wildlife Trust and the Shropshire Mammal Society, and obtained the permit. The data from these projects is collected and used for the region’s Biodiversity Action Plan as part of the Eco-Ninjas “local-physical-targeted” philosophy.

In June, which is Japan’s Environmental Month, these green volunteers surveyed hedges on the RPL premises and found evidence that they serve as habitats for many kinds of small mammals as well as moths, birds, lichens, fungi, and other species that contribute to maintaining the ecosystems in the local community.

In addition to these types of survey activities, RPL installed nest boxes to conserve the habitats of robins and other birds in Telford where the company is located, at the request of the Granville Local Nature Reserve. The local ecosystem in Telford is threatened due to increased development of land and the conversion of wild forests into residential areas. As part of Ricoh’s Social Contribution policy priorities (Global Environmental Conservation – Community Development – Raising the Next Generation) the Eco-Ninjas involve the local community and other business organizations to raise awareness of sustainability issues and the Ricoh Way.

Recognized for these activities, RPL received the Business Commitment to the Environment Award 2011. The company will continue its Eco-Ninja activities to conserve biodiversity in and around its site.

left) Ricoh Eco Ninja’s and community volunteers build and install small mammal nest boxes for the Wrekin Forest and Ercall SSSI right) Eco Ninja surveys are used to educate the next generation on local biodiversity issues.

left) Ricoh Eco Ninja’s and community volunteers build and install small mammal nest boxes for the Wrekin Forest and Ercall SSSI
right) Eco Ninja surveys are used to educate the next generation on local biodiversity issues.

The Ricoh Group’s major biodiversity conservation activities conducted in fiscal 2014 outside Japan

image:The Ricoh Group’s major biodiversity conservation activities conducted in fiscal 2014 outside Japan

Activity Name (Company Name)


Conservation of Taiga, the northern limit habitat of tigers (RICOH)


Creating a green space for a local school called "Enchanled Garden" in Vimodrone, Milan (Ricoh Italy)

United Kongdom

Assembly Wildlife Garden, Old Tidemill School in London (Ricoh Europe PLC)
Business biodiversity tool development support (Ricoh UK Products Ltd.)
Friends of Apley Woods Project (Ricoh UK Products Ltd.)
Eco Ninja Activity (Ricoh UK Products Ltd.)
Sustainability West Midlands support for low carbon businesses (Ricoh UK Products Ltd.)
Shropsire Wildlife Trust Meres and Mosses program support (Ricoh UK Products Ltd.)


Forest management support in Amstelveen (Ricoh Europe Netherlands)


Shoreline and Park Clean Up (Ricoh Canada)
Tree Planting with Compass Group in Mississauga (Ricoh Canada)


Annual Tree Planting (Ricoh Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.)


Tree Planting around factory (Ricoh Manufacturing Thailand)


Tree Planting in Shenzhen Central Park (Ricoh Components & Products (RCP), Ricoh Asia Industry (RAI))
Ricoh Group Joint Tree Planting in Shanghai (Ricoh Thermal Media (RTM), Ricoh China, Shanghai Ricoh Digital Equipment (SRD))
Educating elementary students for concervation of biodiversity (Shanghai Ricoh Digital Equipment (SRD))
Removing alien species(Shanghai Ricoh Digital Equipment (SRD))
Conservation of Biodiversity at the Three Parallel Rivers, a World Heritage Site (RICOH)

Puerto Rico

Espiritu Santo River Estuary cleaning (Ricoh Puerto Rico)
Learning Concervation of Biodiversity at Manatee Conservation Center(Ricoh Puerto Rico)


Project "Life and colours" (Ricoh Industrie France)

United States

Educational activity in office about biodiversity conservation (Ricoh Americas Corporation)
Plant 5,000 trees in Haiti (Ricoh Production Print Solutions)
Beach, Lake and River Cleaning(Ricoh Electronics, Inc., Ricoh Americas Corporation)


Eco Program - A Bigger Picture of “Much About Mangroves”
Restoration of Mangrove Forests in the Central Selangor Coast (RICOH)


Practical workshop for employees about clean (non-pesticides) agriculture (Ricoh Colombia)


EarthkeepersTM Program (Ricoh Australia)
Project Powerful Owl (Ricoh Australia)


Mountain Forest Project (Ricoh Switzerland)


Vertical Gardening by using waste toner bottles (Ricoh Philippines)


Mangrove Restoration Project (RICOH)