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Biodiversity:Social Responsibility Activities
–Environmental Action Plan (Activities in Japan)–

Forest management project at Ena Plant

  • JAPANJapan/Ricoh Elemex Corporation
Forest management project at Ena Plant

The Ena Plant of Ricoh Elemex Corporation (REX) in Gifu Prefecture has extensive woodland on its 430,000-square meter premises. Indeed, the plant building takes up only 23,000 m2. To conserve this forest, REX launched the Ena-no-Mori Zukuri in fiscal 2010 in corporation with the C.W. Nicol Afan Woodland Trust and started to operate the project in earnest in fiscal 2011. On April 9, 2011, 21 participants from the Ena Plant as well as from REX Head Office, Technical Center and Okazaki Plant (all located in Aichi Prefecture), conducted a vegetation survey* and thinned out the forest under guidance from the trust. Learning how to use the appropriate tools and tree cutting techniques, the participants cut down unnecessary trees in the forests, using saws and chainsaws. Despite the rainy weather, they were able to complete the planned work as scheduled because they increased their work speed when the weather started to recover.
Other fiscal 2010 activities at Ena Plant—home to a wide variety of indigenous wetland plants and wild birds, surrounded by untouched nature including extensive forest and numerous streams—include nature walk events and workshops to help obtain the necessary knowledge and skills to protect the natural inhabitants and manage the forest in a sustainable manner. In fiscal 2011, REX will be conducting forest conservation activities on a monthly basis and inhabitant protection activities on a quarterly basis to create a sustainable forest.

  • *A field study to understand the vegetation of the target area by identifying component species of the target area and their degree of coverage

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The Ricoh Group’s major biodiversity conservation activities conducted in fiscal 2013 in Japan

image:The Ricoh Group's major biodiversity conservation activities conducted in fiscal 2013 in Japan

Activity Name (Company Name*1)

**Ishikari Beach Cleanup (RJ, RTS, RLC, RITS)
**Reforestation Volunteers’Forest at the Foot of Mt. Tarumae and around Lake Shikotsu (RJ, RITS, RLC)
**"Inochi no Mori (the forest of life)" Tree Planting Ceremony in Okusawa Reservoir Area (RJ, RTS, RL)
**Harutori Park Cleanup Operations (RJ)
**The Kushiro-Shitsugen National Park Clean Day (RJ)
**Mountain Climbing by Mt. Poroshiridake Cleanup Volunteers (RJ)
**Kushiro-Shitsugen Clean Walk (RJ)
**Tree Planting Ceremony by Muroran Citizens (RJ)
**Mt. Yubaridake Cleanup and Improvement Activities (RJ)

**Aomori City's "Waters and Forests Protection Movement" (RJ)

**The 20th Toyosawa River Cleanup Operations (Ricoh Optical Industries)
**Rural Landscape Improvement Activities (RJ, RTS)
**Ecosystem Conservation Activities by the Association for Yazawa Region's Wildlife Protection
* (Ricoh Optical Industries)

**Honjo Marina Cleanup Activities (RJ)
**The Shirakami Mountain Range Tree Planting Volunteers (RJ)
**Miyazawa Bathing Beach Cleanup Activities (RITS)
**Omono River Cleanup Activities (RITS)

**Trash Picking around the Naganuma Futopia Park (Hasama Ricoh)
**Tree Planting Ceremony of "Sen-Nen Kibo no Oka (the hill of a thousand-year wishes!)" (RJ, RTS)
**Tree Planting Ceremony by the Society to Conserve Beeches and Waters of Zao (RLC, RI, RT)
**Mori Yugaku Satoyama no Kai (Forest Play Association) (RI)
**Izunuma-Uchinuma Cleanup Campaign (Hasama Ricoh)
**Tree Planting Ceremony for Creating a New Forest participated by local citizens (Hasama Ricoh)
**Joint Cleanup Activities for the Dry Riverbed of the Shiroishi River in preparation for the
*Shibata Cherry Blossom Festival (RI)
**On-Site Experience of Mitada-Chiuchi Bamboo Forest Improvement (RI)

**Ecosystem Conservation Activities in the West of Mt. Zao (RJ, RTS, RLC)

**Cleanup Volunteers, "Let's Keep Lake Inawashiro Clean!" (RJ)

**Oarai Beach Cleanup Activities (RTS)
**Isozaki Beach Cleanup Movement (RI)

**Rural Landscape Preservation Activities, "Ricoh Chiba Organizing Fureai-no-Mori" (RTS, RBX)
**Makuhari Beach Cleanup Activities (RJ)
**Ohara Beach Cleanup Activities (RBX)
**Wada-Cho, Minamiboso City Beach Cleanup (RJ)

**Corporate Forest, Ricoh Logistics Group (Mitake), Volunteer Activities (the Third) (RLC)
**Kasai Rinkai Park West Beach Cleanup Activities (RJ, RBX)
**Implementation of Environment Improvement Activities for Tokyo Port Wild Park (RLC)
**Arakawa Clean Aid at the Kine Bridge Riverbed (RTS)

**The Tambo Work 2013 Project held to support the Minuma rice paddy area (RJ)
**Creating Greenery for Biodiversity (RI)
**Akigase Park Cleanup Activities (RTS)
**Totoro Forest Conservation Activities (RJ)

**Tsujido Beach Environmental Education Activities (RJ)
**Environmental Education Activities at Izumi-no-Mori in Yamato City (RJ, RTS)
**Sagami River Clean Campaign (RICOH)
**Shishigaya Greenery Conservation Activities (RTS, RLC)
**Kugenuma Beach Cleanup Activities (RLC)
**Katase-Enoshima Beach Cleanup Activities (RICOH)

**Environment Conservation Activities around Iwai Greenery, the riverbed of Watarase River (RTS)
**Kanayama Cleanup Volunteer Activities (RJ)
**Mine Park Forest Conservation Activities (RJ)

**Environmental Protection and Cleanup Activities in the Ricoh-no-Mori Area (RJ, RLC, Yamanashi Electronics)
**Mt. Fuji Cleanup Activities in 2013 (Yamanashi Electronics, RJ)
**Cleanup Activities in Narusawa-mura (RICOH)
**Maintenance Activities for Rows of Cherry Trees along Kamata River (Yamanashi Electronics)

**Conservation of the Afan Forest (RICOH)

**Festa Costa Del Gomi on Senbon Hama Beach (RICOH, RJ, RLC)
**Seto River Cleanup Activities (RJ, RTS)
**Shizuoka City Ohama Beach Cleanup by "Umibezukuri-no-Kai (beach creation group)" (RJ)
**Enshuhama Beach Cleanup Activities (RJ)
**Nishi-Otani River Clean Walk (RJ)
**Kakegawa City Beach Cleanup Activities (RTS)

**Major Operations, "Minna de Kirei ni Senmaike (Let's cleanup together!)" (RJ, RTS)

**Clean Beach Ishikawa (RJ, RTS, RITS)
**Rice Growing Volunteers in Terraced Rice Fields (RJ)

**Ena Forest Development Activities (REX, RLC, RICOH)
**Nagara River Cleanup Campaign (RTS)
**Hietsu Upstream Forest Development Summer 2013 (RTS)

**The Kitayama Wetland Protection Activities (REX)
**Mowing and Joint Cleanup around Sugo River (RJ, RTS, RLC)
**Major Operations of Cleanup Rivers and the Sea (REX)
**An Aburagafuchi Purification Day (RJ)
**Nagara River Cleanup Campaign (RTS)

**Shiroyama Boken-no-Mori Forest Improvement Volunteers (RJ)
**Major Operations of Cleanup Fukui (RJ, RTS)
**Mountain Climbing Cleanup Activities (RICOH)
**Asuwa River Basin Cleanup (RJ)

**Volunteer Activities for Forest Environment Conservation (RJ)
**Lake Biwa Joint Cleanup (RTS)

**Machiya Beach Cleanup Activities (RJ, RTS)
**Environmental Protection Activities at Kusu-Cho Yoshizaki Beach (RJ)
**A Day to Keep Kaizo River Together (RJ)

**Major Operations of Katsura River Cleanup (RJ, RTS, RBX)

**Rural Landscape Conservation Activities for Mt. Satsuki (Mt. Sekku) (RICOH, RJ, RBX)
**Yamato River and Ishi River Cleanup Operations (RJ, RTS, RBX)

**Ecosystem Conservation Activates for Yatayama Nature Park (RJ, RTS)

**Joint Cleanup of Kinokawa River (RJ, RTS)
**Hanayama Tree Planting Ceremony (RTS, RJ)

**Suma Beach Cleanup Operations (RJ, RTS, RBX)
**Forest Conservation Activates by Kobe Forest School (RJ, RTS)
**Inagawa River Cleanup Activities (RICOH)

**Tottori Sand Dunes Joint Cleanup (RJ, RME, RTS, RCS)
**Walking and Cleanup Activities in the Castle Town and Mountain Path of Shikano-Cho, Tottori City (RITS)

**The Asahi Riverside Joint Cleanup Campaign (RJ, RTS)
**Sami Bathing Beach Cleanup (RJ, RTS)
**Miyakawa River Cleanup (RJ)

**Saeki Ward River Cleanup Campaign (RTS)

**Lake Shinji and Nakaumi Joint Cleanup (RJ, RTS)

**Kagawa Fureai-no-Mori Conservation Activities (RJ, RTS)

**Forest Volunteer Activities in Kamiyama Forest Park (RJ, RTS)

**Cleanup Activities of Riverbed around Shimanto River Bridge (RTS)
**Hokigamine Forest Conservation Activities (RJ)

**Ishite River Cleanup by Ai (Love) River-Supporter (RJ, RTS)

**Love-Earth Cleanup 2013 (Ohori Park)(RJ)
**Cleanup Activities for Yoshino Creeks around the Company Office (RTS)

**Donguriko-no-Mori Forest Conservation Activities (RJ, RTS, Ricoh Keiki)
**Cleaning and Mowing around Rivers and Creeks (Ricoh Keiki)
**Karatsu City Hamasaki Beach Cleanup (RTS)
**Akimitsu River Cleanup, Tosu and Kiyama Joint Project (RLC)
**Tree Growing Volunteers (Ricoh Keiki)

**Clean Campaign in Nomozaki (RTS)
**Creating a Beautiful Home Forest in Kenhoku Region (RTS)

**Beppu City Beach Cleanup (RTS)
**Creating a Forest to Develop Together (RJ, RTS, RLC)
**Cosmo Earth Conscious Act Campaign in Matoga-hama (RJ, RTS, RLC)

**Lake Ezu Cleanup Activities (RTS)
**Volunteers to Foster Headwaters Forests (RJ)

**Kinko Bay Cleanup Campaign in Summer 2013 (RITS)
**Clean Campaign in Sakurajima (RITS)
**Kimotsuki River Cleanup Operations (RJ)

**Tomigusuku City Sun Sun Beach Cleanup (RJ)
**Toyosaki Chura-Sun Beach Cleanup (RTS)
**Conservation of the Yanbaru Forest (RICOH)

  • *1RJ:Ricoh Japan Corporation
    RTS:Ricoh Technosystems Co., Ltd.
    RITS:Ricoh IT Solutions Co., Ltd.
    RT:Ricoh Technologies Co., Ltd.
    RI:Ricoh Industry Co., Ltd.
    REX:Ricoh Elemex Corporation
    RCS:Ricoh Creative Service Company, Ltd.
    RBX:Ricoh Business Expert, Ltd.
    RLC:Ricoh Logistics System Co., Ltd.
    RME:Ricoh Microelectronics Co., Ltd.
  • *Ricoh Technosystems Co., Ltd., Ricoh Business Expert, Ltd., and part of Ricoh IT Solutions Co., Ltd. have been integrated into Ricoh Japan Corporation in July 2014.

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