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–Environmental Action Plan (Activities in Japan)–

Forest management project at Ena Plant

  • JAPANJapan/Ricoh Elemex Corporation
Forest management project at Ena Plant

The Ena Plant of Ricoh Elemex Corporation (REX) in Gifu Prefecture has extensive woodland on its 430,000-square meter premises. Indeed, the plant building takes up only 23,000 m2. To conserve this forest, REX launched the Ena-no-Mori Zukuri in fiscal 2010 in corporation with the C.W. Nicol Afan Woodland Trust and started to operate the project in earnest in fiscal 2011. On April 9, 2011, 21 participants from the Ena Plant as well as from REX Head Office, Technical Center and Okazaki Plant (all located in Aichi Prefecture), conducted a vegetation survey* and thinned out the forest under guidance from the trust. Learning how to use the appropriate tools and tree cutting techniques, the participants cut down unnecessary trees in the forests, using saws and chainsaws. Despite the rainy weather, they were able to complete the planned work as scheduled because they increased their work speed when the weather started to recover.
Other fiscal 2010 activities at Ena Plant—home to a wide variety of indigenous wetland plants and wild birds, surrounded by untouched nature including extensive forest and numerous streams—include nature walk events and workshops to help obtain the necessary knowledge and skills to protect the natural inhabitants and manage the forest in a sustainable manner. In fiscal 2011, REX will be conducting forest conservation activities on a monthly basis and inhabitant protection activities on a quarterly basis to create a sustainable forest.

  • *A field study to understand the vegetation of the target area by identifying component species of the target area and their degree of coverage

The Ricoh Group’s major biodiversity conservation activities conducted in fiscal 2011 in Japan
The Ricoh Group�fs major biodiversity conservation activities conducted in fiscal 2011 in Japan

  • *The list below shows part of the Group’s various activities conducted across Japan

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