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Writing / Reading - Error codes -

NOTE: Since the drive works as a peripheral, controlled by the OS and the writing software, more information than just the error code is needed to judge the cause of the problem. The following information on error code will be just one piece of the information needed to figure out the cause of the problem.

The error codes from a drive are usually classified by:

  • The hardware
  • The Writing method
  • The media
  • Not classified at all, in many cases

How to view error codes:

When the drive suffers an error, the message displayed depends on the writing software or its version, but you will find usually an error code like following. For example, all of these examples below show the same error code, '03/0C/00.'
Example 1 03/0C/00
Example 2 Sense Key: 0x03 (KEY_MEDIUM_ERROR)
Sense Code: 0x0C
Sense Qual: 0x00

[Note] A description of Sense Key, 'KEY_MEDIUM_ERROR' depends on the error code.
Example 3 Drive Error No: xx030c00

[Note] In this example 'xx' means a certain letter.
Example 4 Sense; 03
ASCQ: 00

* This is just sample information. When an error code appears in another style, please consult to your distributor or the software supplier about the error.


The table below lists common error codes.

Error codes in details:

Error code Situation Solution
05/10/02 This error will usually appear during data transfer problems.
1. See the column, Buffer underrun error .
2. Try again with recommended media. Check to see if the media you tried is bent or scratched.
03/0C/00 In some cases it is possible there is something wrong with the drive.
1. Try again with recommended media.
2. Review your system. Look here .
3. When this does not help we recommend you take your drive for repair.
03/64/C0* The disc you tried might be wrong.

* When you tried with a CDRW disc:
1. Try again with recommended media. Another lot or a brand listed as recommended is better.
2. Review your system. Look here .
3. If this does not help, consult your distributor.
4. If an error message with a [*]mark appears, check also to see if the media is capable of the speed you tried.
00/00/00 Having only the error code will not help you to figure out the cause.
1. Consult your software manual about the proper way of writing with that software.
2. Try again with recommended media.
3. Review your system. Look here .
Other error codes Check below.
1. Try with the recommended media.
2. Review your system. Look here .
3. Consult your distributor.
Exception OE error Error code from the Windows OS The error will usually originate from the OS, not the drive.
Consult your PC manufacturer or check your system. We cannot give advice on errors originating from the OS.
An invalid page fault Error from the Windows OS or sometimes from the software The error may not be caused by the drive in most cases. Review your system, or check the writing software.

* 'XX' stands for a letter.
* It is a good idea to refer to
this link any time.

If these suggestions do not help, please consult your distributor/agent for further assistance.
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