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DVD-Video creation (DVD+RW models only)

NOTE: This page provides information about creating DVD-Videos with RICOH DVD+RW drives.
This page also contains general information about other software or hardware on the market. Further information will be provided by each manufacturer.
When the software comes with your package, please consult with the agent or distributor of your drive for further assistance.
Also you can visitour DVD+RW Operation Guidefor RICOH Asian package software.


Outline of the process for creating your own DVD-Videos

The following table provides background on general methodology for your information.
Recording Capturing on the HDD Editing Encoding Authoring Mastering
*This is the part the DVD+RW drive can perform.
Digital Video camera via an IEEE1394 interface Video editing software MPEG 2 Encoding software DVD Authoring software DVD Mastering software
Digital Camera (saved as a file) --- >>> Video Editing software MPEG 2 Encoding software
Analogue Video Camera Video Capture Card (saved as a file) Video Editing software MPEG 2 Encoding software
MPEG 2 Encoder card (saved as a file) Video Editing software compatible with MPEG2 --->>>
DVD camcorder (saved as a file) --- >>> Video Editing software compatible with MPEG2 --- >>>

You will find many kinds of software for each segment on the market. Some software will have single function like just Mastering, but the other will have several functions, such as Encoding through Mastering. For further information about the software bundled with the RICOH Asian retail package, please visit here .

Process for Mastering a DVD-Video title

Some tips for creating DVD video should always the following.
Most Authoring software will also have a mastering function. Several popular writing software for CD-R/RW have announced plans for supporting DVD mastering in the future.
DVD-Video mastering in Windows OS is often written using UDF-Bridge.

Before writing :
Check to see if there is enough free space on your HDD before writing. You must have at least 5 GB or more free on your HDD, about the size often data that can be stored on a DVD disc.
This is because Authoring software exports a temporary source image for DVD-Video. As part of the Standard for DVD-Video, the video will be stored in a 'VIDEO_TS' folder.

Several different MPEG2 standards:
The MPEG2 stream encoded may not always be handled by all Authoring or Mastering software.
There are several kinds in MPEG2 files, and most of them are listed below.
Compatibility of them depends on the software.
MPEG2-ES (Elementary Stream) [.vbs], [.m2v], [.m1v], [.abs], [.m1a] The MPEG file contains only movie data or audio data.
MPEG2-PS (Program Stream) [.mpg] The multiplex stream of this kind of single file contains movie data and sound data.

Tips for writing:
Most Authoring software for personal use will automatically compile or build a disc image, and then write if nothing is wrong in terms of settings, etc.

Hints for writing includes the following.
File system The same as CD writing, choose from among the options, Joliet or ISO9660, under Windows OS. If you chooes a log file name over 8 characters long, without the extension, you will have to select the Joliet option.
Media size With CD-R/RW media, choose from 650 MB or 700 MB. With DVD+RW media, 4.7 GB will be the choice you will have available.
In addition, for a single layer DVD disc, 1 Giga Byte = 1,000,000,000 byte.
Technically this means: 1kB = 1024B, 1MB = 1024kB, because 1024 is often rounded down to 1000. So that the capacity of DVD media will be about 4.37 GB, baused on this method of calculation.
Auto insert DVD-Video playback will be run automatically by the software on most occasions. However, this will depend on the PC settings. Often, auto-run will take priority, but you may have to make a few settings.

This is overview of DVD-Video creation. For further information please consult your software manual or supplier.
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