FAQ for all DVD/CD Drive Models


Compatibility between Windows Operating Systems and Ricoh drives

You will find the information at:
Windows Operating Systems Compatibility

* The information above is for the drives shipped before the release of certain versions of the Windows OS. For models shipped after release of a particular version, please visitthe information page provided for your drive.

Is CD text supported by my Ricoh drive?

Two things have to be checked to find out if your drive supports CD text.
One is the format supported by the drive itself, the other is your software's compatibility. The specifications for your drive can be found on that
drive's information page .

Or refer to the following.
MP5000 series Supported.
MP9000 series Supported.
MP8040SE Not Supported.
MP7000 series except
MP7040 series
MP7040 series Supported from firmware ver. 1.20 or greater.
MP6200 series Not Supported.

For the compatibility of your software consult the software's manual or the supplier.

80 minute / 700 MB CD-R compatibility

All Ricoh MPxxxx series support 700 MB CD-R media as a feature of the drive. No firmware upgrade is needed for this. However your writing software must also support 700 MB CD-R media.

If you cannot write to a 700 MB disc with the software you are currently using, check the compatibility of your software. Also you should try to write again using a recommended disc, such as one from Ricoh.

90 minute or 99 minute CD-Rs

No Ricoh DVD/CD drive supports 90 min. or 99 min. CD-R discs. This is because those discs are not included in the Standards at present. Ricoh DVD/CD products are designed following the CD-R Standards, at this time, we do not have any information about 90 minute CD-R writing.

Business Card-sized CD-Rs

Not supported. There is no model from Ricoh that supports reading, writing, or re-writing of on those Card-sized media.

80 mm mini-sized discs

Writing, rewriting, erasing and audio extraction are NOT supported for this type of media by any Ricoh DVD/CD drives.

However, there are several models that will support playing an 80 mm CD, like a commercial audio single CD. Look over your hardware manual or check the specifications page on our web site.

Can I use my drive with another OS, like Linux, UNIX or Macintosh?

We do not provide any support for using Ricoh drives with Linux, UNIX or Macintosh operating systems.
The supported OS are listed in the manual or

If there is software that supports your drive with another OS, Tech support may be provided by the software supplier.

Where can I find the specifications of a Ricoh drive?

Ricoh DVD/CD product information and specifications are availablehere.

FAQs for the specifications for each model arehere.

Playback of Copy Protected Audio Discs.

For details please lookhere.

Is the JustLink function available if I upgrade the firmware for my Non-JustLink drive?

No. The JustLink function is a function of the Hardware. There is no way to upgrade it with firmware alone.
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