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I am looking for an updater for the software that came with the drive.

Most software vendor's web sites will provide updaters, some of them may be free. We do not supply updaters for writing software. If you cannot find it on the Internet please ask your distributor.

I bought a Ricoh drive without any software or driver CD. Can I obtain an installation CD from Ricoh?

We do not provide any accessories separately. There are also cases where the drive is sold in bulk. Please ask your distributor or agent about your package, or purchase another writing software on the market, that supports both of the drive and your OS. Lookheretoo.

I just purchased a Ricoh unit, but the software comes with my package is different from the one described on the Ricoh.com web site.

There are different packages with different software available on the worldwide market. Please look for appropriate contact information in the retail package, the documents, or the warranty card that came with your drive for further assistance. Markets in Asia and Oceania, some distributors distribute their own packages.

I contacted the software vendor and they suggested contacting you since my software was an OEM version that came with a Ricoh drive.

Each distributor or agent provides their own tech support and service for the package available in markets in Asia and Oceania. Please contact them first.

I've misplaced the driver CD that came with the drive. Where can I find the link for a site I can download a new driver from?

This could mean you have lost the software CD-ROM comes with the drive. We do not provide the writing software separately, nor do we have a link on our web site. Because accessories included the package vary from distributor to distributor, please consult your distributor.
Or you can also use writing software sold on the market, if that software supports the drive.

I've lost the serial number of the software bundled with the drive. Can you send me another number for installation?

All optional accessories will be supported by your distributor or agent. Please consult your distributor.

I purchased a Japanese model when I visited Japan, but my PC runs the English version of Windows. Can you send me the English software?

We do not supply or exchange English software or manuals separately. Japanese packages are sold and supported only for the Japanese market. All of the writing software, manuals or documents are in Japanese. Please purchase writing software sold on the market that supports both your drive and your OS. Compatibility information between the software and the drive can be found on each software vendor's web site.

Which software currently on the market can be used with my Ricoh drive?

Please consult your software vendor or their web site. The software sold on the market will be supported by the software supplier. Before purchasing please be sure to check the compatibility between the version of the software and your drive. If the software does not support your drive, it should not be used.

Please seeherealso.

Where can I get information about the writing software I'm currently using?

<Software comes with the unit>
Please consult your software manual first. Or contact your distributor/agent. Contact information can be found in the retail carton box, manuals, some documents or on the warranty card. If you cannot find it please ask about the distributor at the shop or retailer where you purchased it.
Or software vendor's web site will provide their FAQ.

<Writing software sold on the market>
Please contact the software supplier. Most software vendor's web sites will provide information about the Supported CD/DVD drives, FAQ or so.


Links for software suppliers:

Links for software bundled with Ricoh Asian models:
B's Recorder Gold / B's CLiP : BHA
Drag'n Drop CD : Easy Systems
NeoDVD standard : Mediostream
TransRecorder : TransTechnology (Nagase)

WinProducer / WinDVD : InterVideo
MyDVD : Sonic
Adaptec Easy CD Creator / Direct CD : ROXIO
abCD : Prassi
* PrimoCD Plus information is located here.
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