DVD/CD Drives FAQ for any models

PrimoCD Plus / abCD information

The following tips are for Primo CD Plus and abCD bundled with the Ricoh CDRW drives for Ricoh Asian retail.
Ricoh Japan's Asian retail bundled with Primo CD Plus ware as follows:

RICOH MP7083A, MP7120A, MP7125A, MP7200A and MP9120A.
For further assistance please contact with the distributor or the company shown on the retail.

The other information in general will be found at here.



What version of Windows OS is supported by PrimoCD Plus?

Refer the following table for supported OS for each version of the software bundled with each model. See also the notes below the table.

Model Supported OS by Primo CD software bundled with
MP7120A Windows 95 / 98 / NT 4.0 (SP5 or greater) / 2000
MP9120A Windows 95 / 98 / NT 4.0 (SP5 or greater) / 2000
MP7083A Windows 95 / 98 / NT 4.0 (SP5 or greater) / 2000
MP7125A Windows 95 / 98 / Me / NT 4.0 (SP5 or greater) / 200
MP7200A Windows 95 / 98 / Me / NT 4.0 (SP5 or greater) / 2000

* Windows XP:
All version of the software bundled with the models above are not compatible with Windows XP.

* To use the drive with the OS not supported:
For using the OS not supported by the software, please purchase another writing software sold on the fields that supports your drive. Supported recorder information will be found from each software supplier's web site. I am afraid we will not provide any software upgrade.

* Under Windows NT 4 / 2000:
Please be sure to log in as Administrator.
If you log in with another user, Primo CD software will not detect the drive and show an error that not found supported drive.

* Under Windows 2000:
You will not able to add any data to a disc that has a folder contains 1,000 files and over. Which is the limitation of the software.

What kind of format is supported by PrimoCD Plus?

Supported format by PrimoCD Plus is as follows.
ISO9660, Romeo, Joliet, CD-ROM XA, CD-DA (Audio CD), Enhanced CD, CD Extra, Mixed Mode CD, Video CD (ver. 1.0)

CD-TEXT is supported?

For using CD-TEXT feature, both of the drive and the writing software must support this feature. Both of Primo CD Plus bundled with Ricoh CDRW drives and Ricoh CDRW drives come with Primo CD Plus all support.

Where can I check to see whether or not to enable adding data on the media written once?

Go to Disk Explorer. In a case the disc can add data, it will show Data CD (Open).

How can I copy a data CD or an audio CD only with single CD-RW drive?. Since my PC does not have another CD device.

Put the original CD into the CD-RW drive, go to File New job - Disk Copy. And then right button click on the drive icon located on the drive status window on the left side to check 'select as a source drive' and 'select as a recorder'. By choosing both of them it will show the arrows in red and blue. Click a CD create button to start writing.

80 minutes / 700 MB media is supported?

Supported by Primo CD Plus.
Put the 80 min. blank disc into the drive, open Disk Explorer to choose an option for setting Blank CD size. A dialogue will ask you to change the maximum size for check the job size to 702.83 MB, and then click OK button.
This option is saved for further use. When you need to set it back to 650 MB setting go to Option - Blank size, choose Default.

Can I remove abCD software from memory resident?

Cannot. Just you will able to stop the packet writing feature by the follows.
Option menu - Stop the packet writing feature - reboot the system.

Can I use CD-R media with abCD software?

abCD is the packet writing software only for CD-RW media.

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