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DVD Playback

NOTE: This page provides general tips for DVD playback with Ricoh DVD drives. For details, please consult your manuals or the distributor. For DVD-Video creation with Ricoh drives, go tothis page.

How can I check the video chip in my PC?

Go to My Computer - Control Panel - Display.
Select the Settings tab - Advanced - Adapter tab.
If you are not sure, please consult with the PC or Video card manufacturer. 

Are there any DVD decoder boards recommended for playback?

No. We do not test any DVD decoder boards for DVD models. We only test DVD playback software. 

During playback, the video often pauses, or the image breaks up, or even stops playing sometimes.

Check the following, one by one.
1. Check to see if there are any scratches on the DVD-Video disc. Check to see if the disc is bent or warped.
2. Check the system requirement information for your DVD playback software. For Example;
* Does your DVD playback software support your OS?
* Does your DVD playback software support the video chip on your video card?
3. Enable the DMA option for the drive.See here.
4. Reinstall the DVD playback software, just in case. 
5. Update the following drivers to the latest versions. For details, please visit the PC maker / manufacturer's website or consult them directly.
Video card driver
Sound card driver
HD controller driver
6.  Update the firmware of the drive, if a newer version is available. 
7.  Quit other programs before playback. Deactivate Memory-Resident programs, also. 
8.  Reduce the resolution of the video. 
9. If you have installed several different DVD playback software packages on the PC, it is better to install only one software package at any one time, to avoide any unexpected problems.

After I upgrade the OS, problems often occur during playback of a DVD-Video.

Check the compatibility amoung the OS, the DVD playback software, and the video chip.
Compatibility between the DVD playback software and the video chip may depend on the OS. A certain video chip supported by Windows 98 might not supported by Windows NT/2000 for instance. 

Where can I find a DVD driver or DVD playback software?

The DVD driver will come with your video card. Latest driver may be provided by the video card manufacturer.

DVD playback software is also sold on the market as a retail product. If your unit does not come with DVD playback software, you will have to purchase DVD playback software on the market. Or please consult your distributor for further assistance.
We do not have any service to supply any software separately or even over the Internet. 

I get noise during playback of a DVD video.

Check the sound card driver. For details, please consult the sound card manufacturer. 

Only the right or left channel of the speakers can be heard. The other one cannot.

Check the sound card driver. For details, please consult the sound card manufacturer. 

I cannot hear sounds from the headphone jack on the front panel.

It is quite normal when playbacking a DVD-Video. The headphone jack only outputs analog sound.
The sound of a DVD video is output as a digital signal through an ATAPI cable, and can be heard from the speakers via a sound card. 

I cannot play a certain DVD-Video. Other titles can be played back without any problems.

Check the documentation of the DVD-Video to see if something applies to your case. 

I cannot playback DVD-Videos with Windows Media Player.

DVD playback software has to be installed to playback DVD-Video. The Windows Media Player alone cannot playback DVD-Video. After installation of DVD playback software, you can playback DVD-Video with the Windows Media Player, too. 

The drive will not read a DVD disc, and the LED on the front panel is blinking.

First, check to see whether or not the DVD video disc is scratched, dirty, or damaged.

When it read well before:

It is possible there is something wrong with the drive. Try reading with both ordinary CD-ROM discs and commercial audio CDs. Also refer to Hints on troubleshooting .

When this is the first time you have tried play a DVD video:

First, check to see if the drive is connected to the PC correctly, and the DVD playback software is properly installed.
Then, try reading ordinary CD-ROM discs and commercial audio CDs.
Refer also to these links, for
DVD playback problems and Writing problems

Region Codes for DVDs

Usually each DVD video disc is assigned a specific region. The world is separated into 6 Regions. To playback a DVD disc, the region code of a drive as to match the region code of the disc. You must set the region code of the DVD drive before playing any DVD videos.
The region code of the RICOH DVD drive can be set 5 times. This limit is set by the DVD standards.
For setting the code please follow the instructions included with the DVD playback software.

ATTENTION: After you have set the region code 5 times, the region code of the drive stays the region code of your last setting, and it cannot be changed any more. 

For your information, several examples of problems solved:

The following are several examples fixed or reported. Please check them to see if they are relevant to your problem.

PC or Chipset Situation & Result
VIA chipset with
DMA option enabled. 
The drive freezes during playback of a DVD-Video.

Updating the firmware to the latest version solved this problem. 
CPU over-clocked or customized The video pauses, the image breaks up, or stops during playback of a DVD-Video.

Setting the CPU back to the standard clock speed solved this problem. 
Ultra ATA card driver
or tool for the card
The video pauses, the image breaks up, or stops during playback of a DVD-Video.

Removing the driver for the Ultra ATA card solved this problem. 
ISA sound card The drive made noise during playback an audio.

Changing the card to a PCI sound card solved this problem. 
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