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Firmware upgrade for DVD/CD Drives

About the RICOH PCMCIA SCSI card device driver for Ricoh MP8040SE( Windows 95/98/2000 pro)

This driver is only for the Ricoh MP8040SE Interface Card (PCMCIA Type II) included with the Ricoh MP8040SE retail package. (See Fig.1 below.)
This file contains the device driver for DOS, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT Workstation 4.0, Windows 2000 Professional.

Fig.1) RICOH MP8040SE Interface card
For another card please contact with the supplier.

Download / Expand procedure

1. Create new folder on the HDD.
It would be better to name with easy to understand like DRIVER
2. Clicking the following link, "Download" to save the created folder.
3. Double click the file, MP8040W2KE.EXE to run.
4. Click OK to expand into the created folder.
5. 8040 folder should be created. There will be several folders for each OS.

  • *In regard to the detail method for installing the device driver for the card please carefully read the README.TXT.
  • *Windows 2000 pro:
    It will be better to log in as 'Administrator' not another user when installing the driver.
  • *Windows Me:
    Use it with cardbus mode and the driver for the Windows 98.
  • *Please understand this is for the device driver for the RICOH PCMCIA card bundled with the RICOH MP8040SE.
    If you use another manufactuer's PCMCIA card, which will not work. For details please ask them.

Download File:

RICOH PCMCIA SCSI card device driver

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