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Firmware upgrade for DVD/CD Drives

Provided here are the latest FIRMWARE releases for RICOH DVD/CD writers sold in Asia and the Oceania markets.

If the writer is operating normally we do not recommend updating the firmware. The firmware revision history is contained in the download file or via the Revision History link.

Before updating the firmware, please read the "
Updating Method " instructions and "Detailed Explanation" for the specific writer,carefully.
Ricoh will not take any responsibility for any problems encountered if the instructions were not properly followed.

Note: A firmware upgrade will NOT help the following. Please refer to each link.

The writing software will not detect the drive as a recorder.
Since I upgraded my Windows OS, the drive will not work well.
DVD region has been locked.
It cannot write 90/99 min. CD-R media.
It cannot make the MP5120A support DVD+R media.
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DVD±RW/±R models:

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DVD+RW/+R models:

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CD-RW models:

Useful LINKs:

RFlash Update methods for Windows Flash Utility Update methods for Windows
Update method for Macintosh (For some models only)
If you cannot update the Firmware... and FAQs for Firmware / Driver
If you are looking for a Software Download...
For the RICOH MP9120A: The Transfer Mode Change Utility

CD-R models:

CD Print - Special writing software for the RS-1060C and RS-1420C models

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