MP5125A Internal Model



  • Ricoh MP5125A Internal ATAPI DVD+RW/+R drive
  • 1 Ricoh DVD+RW blank media
  • 1 Ricoh DVD+R blank media
  • Quick Start Instruction
  • Online Manual (User's Manual for the drive
    and bundled software)
    * Available in the bundled CD-ROM
  • Analog Audio cable
  • Mounting screws
Our web site informs only about Ricoh Japan's Asia/Oceania Retail package.
Accessories or bundled software vary from a package to a package.


Type Internal type
Interface ATAPI
Supported media for writing DVD+RW, DVD+R,CD-R, CD-RW, High Speed CD-RW
Writing speed (DVD+RW) 2.4x
(DVD+R) 2.4x
(CD-R) 2x, 4x, 8x, 12x
(CD-RW) 2x, 4x, 10x *1
Reading speed (DVD-ROM/DVD+RW/DVD+R) Max. 8x
(CD-ROM/CD-R/CD-RW) Max. 32x
Recording capacity *2 (DVD+RW/DVD+R) 4.7GB
(CD-R/CD-RW) 650MB,700MB
Data transfer speed
(at I / F)
Max. 33MB/sec. (Ultra DMA Mode2)
Average access time (DVD) 140 msec. (8x)
(CD) 120 msec. (32x)
Buffer memory 2MB
Writing mode (DVD+RW) Random Access Write, Sequential Write
(DVD+R) Sequential Write
(CD-R/CD-RW) Disc At Once, Session At once *3,
Track At Once, Multi-Session, Packet Write
Writing format (DVD+RW/DVD+R) DVD-ROM, DVD-Video
CD Extra, CD-I *3, Mixed-ModeCD, VideoCD, PhotoCD *3, CD TEXT, Bootable CD
Installation Horizontal / Vertical
Power Requirement DC +5V/+12V
Power Consumption 16W
Weight 1.2 kg
( W x D x H)
145.6 X 196.4(including the front panel) X 41.6mm

  • 8cmsingle CDs cannot be written, but can be read or played back using this drive.
  • *110x speed CD-RW writing requires High Speed CD-RW media.
  • *2ISO 9660 Model. Media capacity varies depending on formats.
  • *3Bundled software does not support this feature.

System requirements

Hardware IBM PC/AT Compatible model that has a free half-height bay
and space for 12V/5V power connector.
(Need the slot, which is equal to about 42mm to be built in to a PC.)

  • *Cannot be used with a notebook computer.
  • *To use the capture function to capture images from CE equipment, etc., an OHCI-compliant IEEE 1394 interface or a Microsoft-compliant video capture is required.
  • *To use the neoDVD capture function, a video card with 8MB of video memory which supports DirectX8.0 is required.
Interface 1 free IDE interface connector (Primary slave, Secondary Master or Secondary slave)
OS * Windows95(OSR2.0 or later)/98/98SE/Me/
WindowsNT Workstation4.0(Service Pack 5 or later)/2000 Professional/XP

  • *For details on the OS requirements for the bundled software, please refer to the "Applicable OS for each Software."
Tested Capture Boards
Digital   OHCI-Compliant IEEE1394 interface card for PCI slot (NEC, TI chip)
Analogue    ATI: All-in-Wonder RADEON
All-in-Wonder 128 PRO
All-in-Wonder 128
CANOPUS: Spectra8800+SSH Type-C
SKNET: Monster TV
nVIDIA Personal Cinema
AVerMedia AVerTV Studio
Conexant Fusion878A
Dazzle Hollywood DV-Bridge
Hollywood DVC80
  • * Please update the driver of the capture card before using.
  • * Those listed above are for the use of capture function of either neoDVD or WinProducer only.

for DVD+RW/+R writing

CPU Pentium3, Celeron 700MHz processor, or faster.
(Pentium3, Celeron 1GHz processor, or faster recommended * )

  • *1.1GHz or more recommended for real-time processing with the neoDVD.
RAM Minimum 128MB(Over 256MB recommended)
HDD Over 400MB free disk space (Over 5GB recommended)

for DVD-Video playing back

CPU Pentium2 350MHz processor or faster
(Pentium2 300MHz processor or faster recommended, when using a graphics chip that provides DVD playback support functions)
RAM Minimum 64MB or more

for CD-R/RW writing

CPU Pentium 166MHz processor or faster (When JustLink is used)
RAM Minimum 64MB
HDD Over 100MB free disk space
(When using On-the-fly writing and JustLink)

Click HERE for WindowsXP information.
  • This drive can not record on DVD-R media, DVD-RW media and DVD-RAM media.
  • DVD+RW/DVD+R media can be read/played back on the majority of existing DVD-ROM drives and DVD-Video players. Some of the existing DVD-ROM drives and DVD players may not playback DVD-ROM and DVD-Video created on DVD+RW/DVD+R media. (rare, in the case of DVD+R).

Recommendation Media

  Recommendation Checked
DVD+RW RICOH Mitsubishi Chemical(Verbatim),
DVD+R RICOH Mitsubishi Chemical(Verbatim),
CD-RW RICOH Mitsubishi Chemical(Verbatim),
CD-R RICOH Mitsubishi Chemical(Verbatim),
Mitsui Chemicals,maxell

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