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Corporate Philosophy

Ricoh's CSR is rooted in its corporate philosophy

The Ricoh Group adheres to the "The Spirit of Three Loves" philosophy advocated by our founder, Kiyoshi Ichimura. This philosophy encourages people to "love your neighbor (as a member of the global community), love your country and Mother Nature, and love your work (with a sense of mission)." This idea is the basis of the Ricoh Group's CSR initiatives. Ricoh's management philosophy was established in 1986 based on these Guiding Principles so as to develop a corporate and business structure that can respond to changes in today's world, such as the acceleration of the advanced information society and the diversification of values. In addition, we established the Ricoh Group CSR Charter and the Ricoh Group Code of Conduct in 2003 so as to lay down common values and behavioral principles to share globally among all employees. The Group also continues to develop and improve CSR activities proactively with the understanding that CSR enhances corporate value.

Founding Principles

Love your neighbor Love your country Love your work Founder Kiyoshi Ichimura

Framework of Corporate Activities

Framework of Corporate Activities