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Restoring bio-diversity on Motuihe Island

  • New ZealandRicoh New Zealand / New Zealand

Restoring bio-diversity on Motuihe Island

Ricoh New Zealand Ltd. (RNZ) has been cooperating with the Motuihe Island Restoration Trust since 2004, an organization engaged in the protection of biodiversity on Motuihe Island, one of the most beautiful islands in Hauraki, Gulf, Auckland, New Zealand. Jointly with the Trust, the company has been conducting environmental activities with the voluntary participation of its employees and their local friends. Specifically, they are engaged in the planting and protection of trees and other plants, cleanup of a local beach, and the removal of weeds. More than 10,000 trees have been planted by the volunteers over six years, and the area in which Ricoh is conducting forestation activities is now known as "Ricoh Valley." Since 2006, customers of RNZ have also been participating in these activities. At the beginning, there were 58 volunteer participants and the number has increased to 140, including 13 MA customer companies by 2009. The activity is thus steadily expanding in size. From a customer who actually participated in the activity we received the following comment: "I enjoy spending the day in the volunteer activity with my family. It was also good to be able to see the planted trees growing taller. I was able to feel that I was a real part of the Ricoh team." RNZ has been giving support to the Motuihe Island Restoration Trust on a continuing basis, including support for the creation of brochures and other printed materials, and the donation of cameras for a photographic contest held by the organization, which the company supports as a sponsor.

Ricoh volunteers make a difference to children with special needs

  • AustraliaRicoh Australia / Australia

Ricoh volunteers make a difference to children with special needs

Employees of Ricoh Australia Pty, Ltd. have been conducting volunteer activities at Arranounbai School since 2007. This special needs school is attended by children who are physically disabled or have illnesses are and aged 12 or younger, including those younger than school age. Employees spend the lunch time talking with children and play soccer, basketball, and card games with them. They also assist children with craft activities. The children are becoming more self-confident and gain more self-respect through communicating and playing with the employees. At present 36 employees are registered as members who visit the school once every two weeks, and all the participating employees agree that they themselves have gained personally from their involvement in this activity.


Ms. Judi Billingham, School Administration Manager

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all our wonderful Ricoh volunteers. The difference they are making in our students lives is really fantastic. The students can talk and have a laugh with the volunteers, who have become important and comfortable friends to them. The excitement of the students when they know their "buddy" has arrived demonstrates this fact. Moreover, their input and ideas are very valuable to the school staff and the parents of our students also value their support. We all feel the Ricoh volunteers are truly part of the Arranounbai family.