Global Technology Development System

The Ricoh Group studies market needs and conducts research, design and development through its R&D sites located in Japan, the United States, India and China in a way that accommodates regional characteristics.
In addition, we have built a framework to grasp genuine customer needs by opening Technology Centers and Printing Innovation Centers around the world.

Expansion of Technological Development System across the World


Creating new business opportunities with the community-oriented research

Ricoh Innovations Private Limited Managing Director Kaip SridharKaip Sridhar
Managing Director
Ricoh Innovations
Private Limited

Combining market-oriented technology development with regionally optimized research to pioneer new business tailored for the India market, RIPL focuses on supporting cutting-edge projects in large market segments such as health care, education, finance, media and entertainment. Bangalore offers a large pool of talented engineers, researchers and entrepreneurs. We look forward to building an excellent multi-disciplinary team to address the many opportunities in India and similar emerging markets like Africa, Middle East and South East Asia.

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Open innovation

Ricoh has been promoting open innovation, which proactively utilizes the capabilities of universities, research institutes, and companies that have expertise in the technical fields Ricoh intends to explore. Through building win-win relations in flexible partnerships with different businesses and industries, Ricoh is accelerating the speed of innovation.
For example, Ricoh and Tokyo Steel Manufacturing jointly developed electric furnace steel sheets made of 100% recycled steel scraps in 2011. Also, we have been developing next-generation water treatment technology jointly with REO Research Institute and the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology based on ozone micro/nano bubble technology.

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