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Many people benefit from conducting intellectual activities using advanced networks. On the other hand, we face imminent environmental issues such as increasing population and overuse of non-renewable resources and energy.
The Ricoh Group can contribute to the resolution of these issues based on Ricoh Brand Benefits.
We will create new innovation that accelerates changes towards making a better world.

Six trends in the transforming office environment

In recent years, we have experienced various changes in the social and economic environment, including progress in globalization, expansion of emerging economies, evolution of network technologies, changes in demographics and increased environmental problems. Along with such changes, workstyles at companies are rapidly being transformed as well.
We consider the totality of the way people work, their business process and work environment as the "office".
At Ricoh, we have projected six transforming trends of the office environment continuing through the next ten years based on the transition in the social climate.

  • (1) Outsourcing non-core business and focusing on core businesses
  • (2) Strengthening internal and external networks (workflow collaboration)
  • (3) Greater emphasis on emerging markets
  • (4) Diversification of workstyle—work anywhere and anytime
  • (5) Further development of environmental preservatioin
  • (6) Individual's awareness of security and safety

Three future office images that Ricoh envisions

Taking into consideration these trends, we have envisioned three images of the future office: (a) integration of business processes in advanced and emerging markets, (b) two types of office worker: knowledge worker and skilled worker*, and (c)individually optimized work environment .
In the future office, it will be essential to establish a workflow that seamlessly links different locations to which labor has been allocated, for instance, between offices in advanced nations and emerging nations, and internal/external organizations. In addition, it will be necessary to ensure that workers are able to access data via mobile devices, and use optimized equipment for their home in the same way as workers perform at the office. It will be also important to provide a secure and comfortable environment in this regard.
Needless to say, we always need to keep in mind sustainability and environmental conservation when offering products and services to respond to this transformation.
The Ricoh Group is examining various possibilities for the future while it is engaged in a wide range of R&D activities with the main focus on innovative technologies that will transform customer workstyles while reducing environmental impact.

  • *Polarization of workstyle into two distinct forms based on expertise: fixed-based workstyle in terms of time, place and task, and project-based flexible workstyle.

Six features of the office transformation / Future office Ricoh envisages

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Developing new business for growth markets

Ricoh is proactively developing new businesses in order to pioneer a new growth market. The first step is to explore possibilities for new businesses that utilize technologies currently under development or that utilize our existing core technologies. Technologies recognized by the R&D sector for their distinct promise are then judged promptly by a handful of executives, including the top management, on feasibility of the application for new business. Finally, the commercialization process of projects that have been approved by the president is accelerated through the placement of personnel and by preparing funds for product development in partnership with the business unit, as well as the establishment of a marketing network.
Under past projects, a projection system, a unified communication system, rewritable hybrid media, eWriter solution, and an eco-solution have been placed into the market, with the aim of accommodating changes in customer workstyles.

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Major products/services in fiscal 2012 (ended March 31, 2012)

Compact MFP developed for Chinese market

Compact MFP developed for Chinese market

SP 100SF

This A4 MFP was created out of marketing and development activities in China, and was released in October 2011 in China. Since 2012, its sales area has expanded to Southeast Asia, including India.

Ultra-short-throw projector for efficient use of limited space

Ultra-short-throw projector for efficient use of limited space

PJ WX4130 series

World's smallest and lightest* ultra-short- throw projector

  • *World's lightest: as an ultra-short-throw projector that employs mirror reflection (surveyed by Ricoh, as of April 2012)

40-channel vertical cavity surface emitting laser (VCSEL) array


Ricoh has developed proprietary VCSEL technology that realizes high-definition and high-speed printing with the ability to emit 40 laser beams simultaneously.

40-channel vertical cavity surface emitting laser (VCSEL) array

Easy access via the Internet, realized by Ricoh’s unique M2M communications control technology

Easy access via the Internet with unique M2M communications control technology

RICOH Unified Communication System P3000

This new visual communications system provides services via the Internet with an optimal platform built in a cloud, which enables real-time two-way video and voice communications among multiple locations.

Significant power reduction with a low-temperature fixing toner and a DH fixing system

Significant power reduction with a low-temperature fixing toner and a DH fixing system

MP C5002 series

The world's top-class environmental performance is realized with the introduction of Ricoh's proprietary technologies including new color QSU by the direct heating (DH) fixing system and Color PxP-EQ Toner, a toner that achieves low-temperature fixing. Specifically, typical energy consumption (TEC) is significantly reduced and the machine is able to quickly recover from its energy-saving mode (sleep mode).

Innovative image search realized by Ricoh Visual Search technology

Innovative image search realized by proprietary Visual Search technology

TAMAGO Clicker

Ricoh's proprietary technology enables smart phones to access digital content and cloud services with printed media and respond to Clickable Paper™ service anywhere anytime.

TAMAGO Clicker

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