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Utilizing its know-how and systems developed on the strength of its experience in imaging and IT to offer imaging equipment-related support, the Ricoh Group has expanded its business from core document-related areas to IT services, providing indispensable support for customers' operations.

"IT concierge" offers quality service for developing systems ranging from installation to operation and maintenance

Aiming to improve operational efficiency and thereby increase sales and improve profitability, many companies strive to allocate more human resources to core businesses. Accordingly, outsourcing entire IT-related processes, from development, operations and maintenance to upgrading of IT systems, is attracting growing interest from companies, particularly smaller firms. Smaller companies often do not have dedicated IT departments that can address rapidly changing IT technologies and environments, and instead assign tech-savvy employees to take care of their IT environment, in addition to attending to their regular duties.
The Ricoh Group can meet such needs with its high-quality IT services, drawing on the IT and network-related experience and expertise it has developed over the years through sales and support provision of MFPs, printers, and other products and services. We provide a full range of support including the adoption, operation, management, and maintenance of IT equipment (e.g. PCs, servers, NW, and other devices) as well as continuous monitoring. This all-inclusive service has been built on achievements the Group has made in pursuing efficient and effective use of IT equipment and systems in order to reform its own operations processes. Functioning as an IT department for its customers, Ricoh enables them to focus their recourses on core duties without being distracted by IT concerns.
Our ability to provide one-stop services ranging from the traditional document business to IT services helps us build closer and stronger relationships and grow together with our customers.

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IT staff are too busy with day-to-day IT support operations (e.g., PC trouble, resetting of passwords) to spend time developing or executing IT strategy, which is indispensable for the company's growth.

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Outsourcing the customer's IT support operations to Ricoh will allow its IT staff to focus on strategically important tasks while guaranteeing sufficient IT support for all employees.


The company's IT network often goes down, causing unexpected costs such as reduced productivity and business opportunity losses.

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Under Ricoh's IT services, customers' systems are always monitored so that preventive action can be taken proactively to avoid any problems, thus saving customers from costs and losses resulting from sudden server breakdown.


When expanding operations globally, the company wishes to receive seamless service and support at its overseas sites.

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With its accumulated experience in support services and its extensive global reach, Ricoh can provide consistent quality support services to all sites where customers operate.

Ricoh IT Services

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