Global Human Resources Management

In order for the Ricoh Group to achieve sustainable growth, it is important that each employee from all Group companies around the world engages in creating and providing customer value through implementing the RICOH Way. It is also important for the company to implement personnel development measures on a global basis to provide opportunities to each Group employee to grow, particularly those with higher capabilities and motivation.
Through M&As and other strategic consolidations that expand its business, the Ricoh Group has become a corporate group with 100,000 employees. The potential of the Group will be further unleashed through the concerted efforts of these diversified human resources around the world in achieving common objectives beyond country borders and regions.
In October 2011, the Ricoh Group Human Resources Management Policy was defined and a global business leadership training system was initiated. A global pool of leaders will be established according to this policy to facilitate the discovery, training and effective use of human resources. Priority themes for promoting the management of global human resources are 1) wide dissemination of The RICOH Way, 2) training for global top talent, 3) promotion of global mobility, 4) visualization of global human resources, and 5) adoption of a global common system of personnel management.

Establishment of a Global HR matrix system

Global human resources management is the key to making full use of each individual employee's expertise in each Group company, for which improvement in cooperation among personnel departments of all Group companies is needed. Ricoh has a cooperative system for managing global human resources that involves overseas regional headquarters, and personnel-related issues are discussed under the global matrix organizational system.
Under this system, programs for global human resources management are developed and implemented. Currently, particular emphasis is placed on the themes described above.

Global HR matrix organizational system

Global HR matrix organizational system

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