Growing with Society

Ricoh Group social contribution activities and achievements

During the fiscal year ending March 2013, the Ricoh Group collectively made financial contributions of 545,169,000 yen. This amount includes monetary donations plus labor (man-hours) and donated goods converted into their monetary value.


Employee participation in activities accounts for the largest portion of the Ricoh Group's social contribution. In every region, Group companies support their employees in the planning and implementation of community activities and biodiversity conservation programs.

Social Contribution Club "FreeWill"

Making wreathes with residents of temporary housing in Sukagawa.
Making wreathes with residents of
temporary housing in Sukagawa.

FreeWill is an employee-led endeavor launched in January 1999 that aims to turn individual donations from employees into a sizable fund for social contribution activities. Employees of Ricoh Co. Ltd. and six Group companies currently participate.
FreeWill members donate a portion of their salary and bonus pay to support NPOs that conduct social benefit activities in wide-ranging areas. The fund also supports member-led social contribution activities.
In the period ending March 2013, FreeWill contributed to a total of 43 organizations. In Sukagawa in Fukushima Prefecture, for example, FreeWill committee members delivered messages and chocolates to the residents of temporary housing for those who lost their homes in the 2011 earthquake and tsunami, and joined them in making wreaths.

Ricoh Global Eco Action

Employees of Ricoh Europe installing a bird box.
Employees of Ricoh Europe installing a bird box.

In 2006, the Ricoh Group designated one day in June as "Ricoh Global Eco Action" day, during which Group employees around the world think about and take action on behalf of the global environment. On this day every year, we hold a variety of environmental events, including biodiversity conservation activities and energy-saving campaigns.
This year, in London, employees of Ricoh Europe helped restore and improve parks in their community, tending to gardens and installing bird boxes.
In 2012, a database was created to record social activities, including Global Eco Action. Through the database, Group members can find out about activities occurring in other parts of the world and share their knowledge.

Global Eco Action

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