Growing with Society

Global policy on social contribution activities

The Ricoh Group has set fundamental principles on social contribution by which all Group companies around the world abide. We believe that by conducting social contribution activities based on a common concept, we can maximize the effects of our contributions toward solving challenges. Under these principles, individual Group companies are implementing measures by leveraging the Group's strengths in human and other resources.

The Ricoh Group's global policy on social contribution activities

The Ricoh Group, mindful of its responsibility as a corporate citizen, respects the cultures and customs of all countries and regions, joining in active partnership with like-minded people and inspiring employees to contribute to the development of a sustainable society and planet.
Reflecting a deep understanding of social issues in various parts of the world, Ricoh Group companies carry out social activities focusing on several priority areas.

PDCA cycle for social contribution activities

To ensure the effectiveness of the Group's social contributions, we have created an original PDCA cycle for their evaluation and improvement.
Evaluation items include the scale and outcome of activities as well as "cooperation with stakeholders" and "effects on business activities." This creates an upward spiral in our ability to share knowledge and evolve social contribution activities throughout the Group.

PDCA cycle for social contribution activities

Collaboration with partners

We share our mission and values with selected partners, make use of each other's resources, and build long-lasting relationships based on trust and respect.
Collaborations are based on guidelines that follow our principles of social contribution. We then set clear objectives and choose partners with proven organizational health and expertise.
Projects are launched with decisions on respective roles, and mutual agreement on goals and duration. We then create a system to regularly monitor progress together.
Once the project is completed, we evaluate the achievement and publish a report.

Processes for collaboration with the social sector
Processes for collaboration with the social sector

Major corporate programs

We are engaged in a variety of social contribution programs that fall under the category of "contributions to resolution of social issues through business activities" or "commitment to and responsibility for social contribution".

Contribution to resolution of social issues through business activities

*Programs marked with an asterisk are funded by Ricoh's social contribution reserve sytem, established to ensure stable, long-term social engagement. Following approval at the 1998 shareholder's meeting, Ricoh introduced the social contribution reserve system, under which a portion of profits is disbursed to the reserve's fund after approval by the board of directors. Currently, the fund is being applied to three programs: Ichimura Nature School Kanto, Ricoh Science Caravan, and the Forest Ecosystem Conservation Program.

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