The six trends in the transformation of the office: R&D and case studies

Non-core business outsourcing

By making use of the expertise within Ricoh Group companies, we are able to offer one-stop support for our customers so that they can focus on their core competencies.

[IT services]

We provide a multivendor approach to building and managing complex IT environments, and also offer @Remote, which continuously tracks equipment status through the Internet, including the monitoring of supply levels for automatic reordering. This frees customers from dealing with the details of equipment operation.

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[Document management]

Ricoh's Managed Document Services (MDS) facilitates all document-related workflows and administration, and is adding such services as the i-Invoice electronic billing system.

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Workflow collaboration

We can seamlessly bring together different departments, companies and mobile workers into one horizontal workflow.

[Enhanced MFP with improved cloud connectivity and other functions]

Our barrier-breaking MFP, launched in May 2013, is a shared information terminal that facilitates many business tasks. It can become the control center for our cloud-based services such as FlexRelease CX (printing) RICOH Scan CX (scanning) and RICOH e-Sharing Box (document management based in a private cloud).

[Remote communication]

The RICOH Interactive Whiteboard D5500, released in January 2013, lets up to four remote sites share displayed and handwritten content in real time. Head office design teams and offshore manufacturing sites can each write on blueprints and enjoy smooth, stress-free collaboration. Proprietary Ricoh technology makes the whole process intuitive by letting users write clearly and on the fly, just as if they were writing on paper.

Emerging markets

In February 2012, we opened an advanced IT research laboratory in the southern Indian city of Bangalore to provide leadingedge IT core technologies in line with the needs of emerging markets. Having a local presence in India has demonstrated the adaptability of our core technologies to solutions in the fields of education, entertainment and healthcare. Moreover, in April 2013 we endowed a course at the Indian Institute of Technology Gandhinagar for joint academic-industrial projects and research on IT usage and user interfaces.
We are also looking to the potential of reverse innovation — the process by which solutions built for new markets breed innovations in advanced economies.

Anytime anywhere

By combining unique, user-friendly Ricoh products and services like our portable videoconferencing system, paperless conference app and ultra-short-throw projector, we are able to propose ideas for new workstyles.

[Portable videoconferencing system]

We have followed up our 2011 launch of the P3000 Unified Communication System with PC and iPhone apps for more efficient mobile work in fiscal 2013. These innovations are based on our proprietary M2M communications platform technology that eases Internet connectivity. M2M makes possible cloudbased services for real-time two-way video and voice communications among multiple locations.

Unified Communication System

[Paperless conferences]

The RICOH Smart Presenter app was created in response to the spread of tablets and growing environmental awareness. Since the Smart Presenter's introduction, its usage scenarios have expanded considerably. A server system capable of synchronizing up to 350 tablets and an iPhone version were introduced in 2013.
Smart Presenter played a key role at the APEC Transportation Ministerial Meeting held in Japan in September 2013. It was incubated at TAMAGO Labs., located in Japan, which Ricoh founded to hatch new businesses rapidly.

Smart Presenter makes it easy to share information via tablets or
smartphones for successful communications at paperless meetings.


"Tamago" is Japanese for egg, and the aim of Tamago Labs. is to give quick birth to applications that leverage Ricoh's original technology. Several hatchlings of TAMAGO Labs. have been uploaded to its website, and they are available free of charge so that users can try them and collaborate in their evolution.

[Ultra-short-throw projector]

Far more compact and lightweight than conventional projectors, Ricoh's ultra-short-throw projector can be used even in tight spaces as it can enlarge images from an extremely close distance. Its superior versatility lets it offer unique solutions in situations such as ad hoc video conferences, paperless conferences and digital signage. Innovative optical technology is used to keep both its footprint and weight to a minimum.

Free-Form Mirror and Deflection Technology for Ultra-Close-Range Projection

Environmental conservation

In addition to its initiative to reduce the environmental impact of MFPs over their life cycle, Ricoh has capabilities in managing the energy use of entire offices and environmentaltechnology for industrial applications.

[Continuous improvement of the environmental performance of MFPs]

Energy-saving MFP can recover from sleep mode in as little as 5.1 seconds
Smaller and lighter products
Reuse of products and parts

[Office energy management]

Ricoh is developing office energy management solutions using technology that visualizes energy consumption over the entire office floor, technology to automatically control LED lighting and office equipment, and technology that detects the presence of people to adjust power settings to an optimum level.

[ New applications for rewritable media]

We put a layer on rewritable media to block oxygen and ultraviolet light and developed an algorithm to eliminate character crossing points, which cause media to deteriorate. We have also begun demonstration tests of a rewritable laser system in the field of logistics. This system can rewrite 1,000 times with laser contactless technology. This won a technology award from the Imaging Society of Japan for fiscal 2012.

Rewritable Laser System

Security and safety

As networked IT equipment, MFPs are also subject to security threats. We take a variety of measures against such threats. Our website is full of relevant information, including our stance on security to a list of threats and countermeasures to them, an introduction to security functions, and a list of internationally certified products.

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Security for Multifunction Products

[Common Criteria certification initiatives]

In 2010, Ricoh MFPs became the first to earn Common Criteria certification, which indicates that copiers and printers meet international standards for security. A wide range of models have subsequently earned the certification.

[Hard disk security functions]

The TPM (Trusted Platform Module) security chip is installed in Ricoh MFPs (MP series), printers (SP series) and production printers (Pro series). It creates a second layer of encryption for encryption keys used on hard disks to further enhance security.

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