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Global Human Resource Management

Global HR Management ConferenceGlobal HR Management Conference The RICOH Way provides a framework for every employee to generate customer value and sustainable growth. It is reinforced by global training and development programs that provide each employee — particularly high performers and selfmotivators — opportunities for individual success.
Through M&A and other strategic consolidations, the Ricoh Group now employs 110,000 people. The concerted efforts of this diverse and global workforce devoted to common objectives are expected to further unleash the Group7s potential.
In October 2011, we finalized the Ricoh Group Human Resources Management Policy and launched a global leadership training program to identify and foster a pool of current and potential leaders. Priorities are: 1) wide dissemination of The RICOH Way; 2) training for top talent; 3) global mobility; 4) identification of top talent throughout the world; and 5) a global system of personnel management. Successful implementation of these priorities will require close cooperation between the personnel departments of all Group companies. To that end, the Ricoh Group has established an inclusive global HR network that involves the participation of overseas regional headquarters, and a global organizational matrix for discussing matters related to personnel.

The objective of global human resource management

The objective of global HR management Seiji Sakata
General Manager,
Human Resources Division,
Corporate Senior
Vice President,
Ricoh Co., Ltd.

Attracting talented people everywhere who are decisive and responsive to change
To thrive in the global market we compete in today, HR management at the Ricoh Group follows two major principles:
1. Stay with fundamentals
Since its foundation, Ricoh has been fortunate to possess timeless core values that all Group employees should share — The RICOH Way.
2. Change what should be changed
We are undergoing a transformation as we shift our HR management from a country-bycountry basis to a globally unified one by building a series of programs and systems that can cover our human resource requirements around the world.
The ultimate objective of this initiative is to cultivate employee diversity throughout the Ricoh Group, as diversity will be indispensable to finding opportunities for growth amid a fast-changing, unpredictable global market. By attracting and nurturing exceptional people wherever they happen to be located, the Human Resources Division can make a pivotal contribution to the growth of the Ricoh Group.

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