Human Resource Management

Employee development and global mobility: key drivers of our worldwide operations

In our rapidly changing, intensely competitive environment, we need responsive and adaptable human resource (HR) management that helps create new value by cultivating talented people who can make smart and timely decisions from a global perspective, and by conducting strategic cross-border staff allocations. Fostering the true potential of all employees is an investment in our business and the aim of the Ricoh Group's HR management, together with advancing our business in ways that benefit both society and the planet.

We make an effort to create an environment — and an evaluation system — that offers people a sense of fulfillment, an opportunity to grow with the company, and room to exercise the complete extent of their abilities. Only then will individual members of the Ricoh Group make full use of their talent and act upon shared policies. To accomplish this requires an HR management system that goes beyond traditional paradigms and mirrors the evolution of society and the world of work.
At the Ricoh Group, we encourage our global workforce of approximately 110,000 employees to share the values of "The RICOH Way," the core of our corporate philosophy. Common understanding and practice of The RICOH Way is how we are able to deliver consistent value to customers in whatever country or region they are located. We also continue to nurture employees that can respond to our rapidly globalizing operations and the changing business environment, and select and train future business leaders. Our global human resources development programs produce new value and innovation and provide opportunities for professional and personal growth.
Managing what we know about the capabilities and characteristics of our employees around the world, and matching the right people to the right jobs, is another critical role of human resource management. The Ricoh Group is developing common evaluation criteria with cross-border applicability, a centrally managed HR database, and a unified system for performance evaluation, employee benefits, and delegation of responsibilities and authority. We also promote diversity and work-life balance to ensure input from employees with varying backgrounds and to help our people lead fulfilling professional and personal lives.

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