Visual Communication

Spherical Imaging Device

image:Spherical Imaging Device

The fusion of Ricoh's original optical techniques and image processing technology brings visual revolution.

Dewarping Projected Image

image:Dewarping Projected Image

A unique technology to easily correct projected image distortions caused by the screen conditions.


Ricoh Visual Search (RVS) Technology

image:Ricoh Visual Search (RVS) Technology

Ricoh connects information on paper with digital information or services on the Internet.

Free-Form Mirror and Deflection Technology

image:Free-Form Mirror and Deflection Technology

An innovative optical technology for ultra-close-range projection from a compact, lightweight projector.


Audio Technology to Support Video Conference Systems

image:Audio Technology to Support Video Conference Systems

An impulse noise reducer and a high-performance echo canceller greatly improved audio quality of video conference systems.

Dynamic Media Control Technology

image:Dynamic Media Control Technology

Real-time control of media quality (video, audio, and shared PC screen) according to the network bandwidth of the environment


Camera Image Processing Technology

image:Camera Image Processing Technology

Image processing technologies available from a camera-integrated system add reality to communication over video conference systems.

Unified Communication System

image:Unified Communication System

An easy-to-use portable video conf. system that makes teleconferencing possible anywhere.


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