Technologies related to various devices that provide new value by utilizing core technologies such as optics, image processing and control

Stereo Camera

image:Stereo Camera

Developed two types of stereo camera by high-precision packaging, calibration and parallax computation.

Extended Depth-of-Field Camera

image:Extended Depth-of-Field

Ricoh greatly extends the depth-of-field by combining a unique lens and image processing.


Polarization Camera

image:Polarization Camera

Ricoh's polarization camera can acquire polarization info. from a subject in real-time.

Multi-spectroscopic Camera

image:Multi-spectroscopic Camera

Ricoh's multi-spectroscopic camera can acquire spectral informtaion and compute spectrum and chromaticity of a subject in real-time.


The Fusion of Optics and Digital Image Processing: JOIPO Platform

image:The Fusion of Optics and Digital Image Processing: JOIPO Platform

A platform to design separate lens optics and image processing as an integrated system.

Spherical Imaging Device

image:Spherical Imaging Device

The fusion of Ricoh's original optical techniques and image processing technology brings visual revolution.


Free-Form Mirror and Deflection Technology

image:Free-Form Mirror and Deflection Technology

An innovative optical technology for ultra-close-range projection from a compact, lightweight projector.

Japanese Sword Digital Archiving System

image:Japanese Sword Digital Archiving System

Multiband imaging technology reproduces the swords' subtle colors.


Color Reflective Display Technology

image:Color Reflective Display Technology

Using the CMY principles of color copiers enables significantly brighter lightweight displays.

Bio- Paper Base Display Device Technology

image:Bio- Paper Base Display Device Technology

Display device using bacterial cellulose paper is ultimately environmentally-friendly.


Smart Position Motor System

image:Smart Position Motor System

An encoder integrated brushless DC motor and a device which controls its position, achieving savings in energy and resources.


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