Technology News 2012


Dec. 5
White Paper "Ricoh's Next-Generation Machine Vision: A Window on the Future(PDF:11P/568KB)" has been added.
"The Fusion of Optics and Digital Image Processing: JOIPO Platform","Ultra-compact stereo camera" pages were revised.
"Extended depth-of-field Camera","Polarization Camera","Multispectral Camera" pages have been added.
Sept. 6
"Photo (UV)-curable Inkjet Ink" has been added.
July 25
Front Runner: Ricoh and Tokyo Steel score an industry "First":
Pushing back the frontiers of 100% recycled steel in a bid to save the planet
June 29
"Biomass Plastic Material Technology" page was revised.
June 26
"Visualizing Paper Feed behavior in Fusing Unit" has been added.
May 21
"Technology Applied in Developing Piezoelectric Thin Film Using Ink-Jet Printing Method" has been added.
"Lead-Free Piezoelectric Material" has been added.
May 8
Technical info.:Color QSU Technology by Direct Heating System
May 7
Technical info.:Miniature 3D Imaging Sensor Module
Apr. 17
Technical info.: Color PxP-EQ Toner
Apr. 2
Technical info.: Unified Communication System
White Paper: Ricoh's Unified Communication brings Renovation to Collaboration(PDF:210KB)
Front Runner: Communicating on a Cloud
Apr. 2
"Improve efficiency of ink use by minimizing ink waste" has been added.
Mar. 8
Front Runner: Growing seeds for the future, sometimes in the dark
Feb. 24
"Free-Form Mirror and Deflection Technology" has been added
Feb. 15
Ricoh Establishes IT R&D Laboratory in India
Feb. 8
Ricoh Visual Search (RVS) Technology has been added.

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